Small Front Garden Ideas For Landscaping and Plants

A home’s exterior is the first feature guests and potential buyers see. To make sure you give off a good first impression, you’ll need big ideas – even if you have a small front yard.

A smart way to add pzazz to your property’s curb appeal is to give your tiny home exterior some TLC. And to help make your small front garden work for you, here are some great design ideas to get inspired!

1. Window boxes

Like container gardens, window boxes provide a contained space for plants. They’re an easy way to add instant interest to your front yard.

Plant lush evergreens and colourful blooms to create a welcoming ambience.

Front garden with window box planters

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2. Beautify with climbing plants

Drape your terrace or the perimeter wall with vines to beautify the exterior of your home. For classic countryside choices, opt for climbing Roses and Wisteria. And for urban spaces, go for Star Jasmine.

Front walls covered with climbing plants

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3. Water feature entryway

With a bit of creativity, you can make room for a water feature in your front garden. If you have a small, underutilised nook, add a mini fountain to use the space.

Small water feature front garden design

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4. Boxwood pathway

Add a touch class to your entry path by incorporating a classic boxwood-edged pathway. Monochromatic yet straightforward, the shrubs help guide the eye towards the front door.

This concept also encourages visitors to use the passage instead of walking on the grass.

Boxwood pathway for a small garden

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5. Tiered beds

Tiered garden beds can add structure to your front landscape. What’s more, they help create the illusion of a larger space by adding height and heft.

Front yard tiered beds

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6. Hydrangea display

A lush display of Hydrangea in front yards adds a charming cottage garden vibe. In addition to the nostalgic factor, the flowers are dense and bushy.

They can create gorgeous full potted blooms for porches, patios and decks.

Lush Hydrangea front garden display

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7. Mediterranean fountain bed

Mediterranean features are popular in many UK gardens, and this charming fountain is no exception. But what makes this centrepiece look more elegant is the flower bed filled with Petunias.

Mediterranean fountain concept with flower bed

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8. Soften the fences

Fences can also be used in your front yard as a great garden gate idea, but a plain one can be a bit dull. Soften the fences with climbers and shrubs to add much needed green to the street scene.

Fences with bushes

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9. Stepped levels

Stepped levels are a great feature, adding a dramatic change in height for gardens that are short in length. Consider adding a steep front entrance with a less direct path route for a meandering walk.

Small garden with stepped levels

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10. Topiary statement

A great low-maintenance greenery option that also adds vertical interest to front gardens. Try growing and pruning topiary in a planter for a sense of luxury to your small home exterior. Have a look at this one!

Topiary in containers display

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11. Floral archway

Archways are perfect for softening up a traditionally sharp-edged space. For small front yards, they add a vertical level to the scheme while creating interest.

Front garden with floral archway

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12. Feature a fire pit

Thinking of introducing a fun new element to your front garden? You can’t go wrong with fire pit ideas! With the right design, a front yard fire pit can provide a natural gathering spot.

Most importantly, it makes the space feel more inviting and cosy. Now, who says fire pits are for backyards only?

Small front garden fire pit setup

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13. Tropical landscape

Tropical landscaping ideas are best for those who live in warm climates. One of the best tropical garden designs ideas, in our opinion, is to feature a lush green lawn bordered by these exotic plants and flowers. Draw inspiration from the photo below.

Small garden with tropical landscape

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14. Go coastal

Make every day a beach day with a coastal-themed front yard! Instead of lawns or rocks, opt for sand with bright succulents for a pop of colour.

Going for a sand landscape also means the plants will have great drainage, and you’ll never have to mow it.

Coastal-themed front yard

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15. Say no to narrow path

A skinny path can make a small front garden feel smaller. Don’t make your path look too narrow and leave a bit of breathing space. Create an open area surrounded by plants to make the exterior bigger.

Open-space front garden

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16. Welcome wildlife

Welcome wildlife into your front garden by simply adding a birdbath for birds to visit. Or build a small bug hotel to get some insect visitors.

Top tip: Add plants and flowers that pollinators love!

Front yard with small birdbath

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17. Striking pathway features

The path up to your front door, no matter how small, can also make a statement. Take this sleek patterned style as an example.

The dark greys offset the containers, while the creamy tones complement the gravel. And the softer greys give off a pleasing accent to the bright blue door.

Modern garden with pathway features

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18. Sculptural statement

Incorporate simple sculptures into the space to add visual interest and draw the eye. In this calm planting scheme, tall grasses are combined with concrete garden globes.

Small garden sculptures

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19. Front bench

Garden seating ideas like benches make a great addition to small front yards. Providing a spot to sit and relax, they make a stylish feature when decked out with cushions. Try adding a bench to your front yard or porch to wave as the neighbours go past and while away the hours.

20. A touch of symmetry

A concrete front path surrounded by hardscape elements and lush greenery. Reduce the plant palette to three colours (green, white and red) to simplify the landscape.

Symmetrical small garden setting

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Front yards are as important as backyards. Even if you’ve only got limited space, there are plenty of ways to make it count. After all, first impressions count.

When done correctly, your small front yard can be a stunning focal point of your home. And we hope our list of small front garden ideas will help you achieve that – and make the space feel way bigger than it is.

Let us know in the comments down below your favourite designs!

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Even if you have a small front yard, you'll need big ideas. Our list of design inspiration is a good starting point, helping you make your home more inviting.

Simple landscaping ideas like adding rock features, upgrading the bed border, and planting perennial shrubs will do! We've listed a few landscaping ideas on our list, so make sure to check them again.

Stick to small trees, shrubs, roses and bulbs. Perennials, annuals or bedding plants usually require high maintenance.

If you're looking for a trailing plant to frame your front door, English Ivy is a great choice. In addition to Petunias, you can't go wrong with Citrus Fern and Citrus Trees.