Platinum Jubilee Party Ideas for a Royal Celebration

Get your platinum jubilee party off to a royally good start with these ideas and decorations!

This year marks the historic milestone of Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne. To commemorate the day, people all over the country are preparing to host jubilee parties.

The Queen’s platinum jubilee is sure to be a memorable one-off event in the UK this year, so don’t miss it! Check out our round-up list of jubilee party ideas to ensure your celebrations are fit for a Queen.

1. Show off your ‘royal’ garden pub

Take this opportunity to refurbish the look of your garden bar and serve some royal-themed drinks. After all, it’s not every day that you celebrate a Platinum jubilee party!

Simply hang some union jack bunting on the wall of your BillyOh Nightjar Garden Bar. Also, prepare drinking cups that match the theme.

BillyOh Nightjar Garden Bar
BillyOh Nightjar Garden Bar

2. Turn your garden into a jubilee party

Embrace the jubilee vibe and transform your backyard into a festively decorated wonderland. The idea is to focus on union jack designs and decorations.

Besides buntings, hang flags around your patio or shed windows. Or drape a Union Flag tablecloth on your Outdoor Dining Table.

Union jack bunting
Image Credit: Flickr

3. Set up a photo booth

Get the perfect photo op somewhere around your backyard space. Your corner summer house could be the perfect spot for it.

Put up big cardboard cutouts of the Big Ben, the Queen’s Guard or a classic telephone booth. Don’t forget some typical British props for all your photographs – like bowler hats, footballs or cricket bats!

4. Play The Queen’s jubilee bingo spinner game

Not only is this party game idea ace, but it’s also super cheap and easy to recreate! Get the printable copies here, and get involved with friends and family.

5. Serve The Queen’s favourite chocolate cake

The Queen is said to be particularly fond of chocolate biscuit cake. So make your guests feel like they’re having their dessert at Buckingham Palace with one!

The cake is a decadent layering of chocolate and rich tea biscuits. Get the recipe here.

6. Create a dedicated playlist

A  playlist of the top songs from the last 70 years suits the platinum jubilee celebrations. Or stick to classical music that’s likely to be played at the palace.

These top 100 tunes in the UK from 1915 – 2015, courtesy of the Playlist for Life, are a great place to start. It’ll be interesting to hear how much has changed over the years!

7. Royal refreshments for two, please

To make your royal garden stand out even more, serve refreshments, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Why not try a jubilee-inspired sparkling elderflower spritz with a commemorative gin?

8. Make your own castle

Prepare something for the kids, just like this DIY cardboard castle. It’s an amazing opportunity to come up with garden upcycle ideas.

Start saving all those cardboard boxes, so you create a giant castle decorated with bunting and flags. Let the kids cosplay as members of The Queen’s Guard!

A kid inside a DIY cardboard garden castle
Image Credit: Flickr

9. Consider outdoor heating

When it comes to patio heating for summer parties, you can’t go wrong with fire pits. Make the most of the evening with this square metal fire pit.

Building a fire in this pit is easier, and the shape allows for an open campfire and or enjoying a BBQ with friends. Perfect for those cool evenings, it’s also a great alternative to a patio heater.

BillyOh Phoenix 3 in 1 Square Metal Fire Pit, BBQ Grill and Ice Pit
BillyOh Phoenix 3 in 1 Square Metal Fire Pit, BBQ Grill and Ice Pit

10. Host afternoon tea

You can’t celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee party without some afternoon tea. Focus the menu on fine local produce, with finger sandwiches.

Think coronation, egg mayonnaise with spring onions and mustard cress – fancy!

Afternoon tea table setup at Tea Rose Garden
Image Credit: Flickr

11. Choose a gazebo

Create an outdoor space even The Queen would be proud of! Providing privacy and shade, check out our gazebo ideas for the ultimate outdoor luxury focal point.

Adding a gazebo can provide the perfect place to unwind and host guests while maintaining a traditional theme.

BillyOh Quadra Timber Gazebo
BillyOh Quadra Timber Gazebo

12. Add a flowery table centrepiece

You don’t have to be an expert florist to do the flowers. Pick up The Queen’s favourite blooms and arrange them in tall vases for a banquet feel, or go for a blue and red theme.

Flower planter table centrepiece
Image Credit: Pxhere

13. Beefeater motifs

Have you thought about what everyone’s dress code is? Dressing up as the royals do must be dreamy. But how about wearing beefeater style costumes? Or, for extra fun, consider wearing a union jack print.

14. Serve the classics

Brits have a love affair with fish and chips. Eating this dish has been a longstanding tradition in the UK on a Friday – so why stop now?  Serve this tasty dish by following this recipe.

Fish and chips up close
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

15. Stick to The Queen’s platinum jubilee colours

According to Royal UK, platinum and a dark shade of magenta (aka Pantone 3515 C) make up the emblem of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The platinum colour represents Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne, while purple is synonymous with royalty.

These meaningful colours are worth considering if you haven’t decided on a theme.

The Platinum Jubilee Parade
Image Credit: Wikipedia

16. Balloon arches and garlands

From union jack bunting to British tea setups, take a cue from this balloon arch, but bring it to your garden’s entrance instead. Take advantage of your garden arbour or trellis for a jubilee-themed balloon garland.

17. Get out the hot tub

With the Platinum Jubilee on the way, Brits are planning how they’ll be celebrating the long bank holiday weekend. Due to the boom of outdoor hot tubs, many gardens now have inflatable hot tubs installed – so don’t miss out!

A hot tub party can be a fantastic way to bring people together for this celebratory weekend!

BillyOh Respiro Inflatable Hot Tub with Jets 4-6 People
BillyOh Respiro Inflatable Hot Tub with Jets 4-6 People

18. Jubilee alfresco dining

Some are planning a street party with all their neighbours, and others simply want to host an alfresco dinner in their garden. If you prefer the latter, bring out your most prized outdoor dining set!

The BillyOh Siena comes with padded cushions that can be draped in fabrics in union jack or royal purple, gold and white.

BillyOh Siena 8 Seater Rectangular Rattan Dining Set
BillyOh Siena 8 Seater Rectangular Rattan Dining Set

19. Be mindful of the small details

Serving a feast fit for The Queen is already a given. But for an extra festive feast, pay attention to little details. By this, we meant adding toothpicks with little union jack flags.

Drink stirrers with paper crowns and cupcakes with novelty corgi toppers. Her Majesty would also be pleased to have napkins with the Platinum Jubilee logo on them don’t you think?

20. Garden clean up

Before you set out those invitations, ensure your garden is completely groomed. We recommend you give your backyard little summer cleaning.

With our garden tool ideas, you’ll have an idea of which tool is for a specific task. If you have a minimalist garden, you have fewer things to worry about!

Hidcote Manor Garden
Image Credit: Flickr


It’s been 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne on February 6th, 1952.  The long weekend will stretch from 2-5 June, with the Jubilee celebrations continuing over the weekend. And regardless of your celebration plans, we hope our jubilee party ideas have given you some royally good inspiration!

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Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, at the age of 25.

There are many ways you can get involved in Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee. Few of the common practices are street parties, beacon lighting, and the big jubilee lunch.


Some Brits also make their private celebration at home by hosting a garden party.

Platinum and a dark shade of magenta (Pantone 3515 C) make up the emblem of The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The platinum colour represents Her Majesty's 70 years on the throne. In contrast, purple is synonymous with royalty.

The silver jubilee is celebrated during the 25th anniversary. Golden jubilee is on the 50th, diamond on the 60th, and platinum on the 70th anniversary.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration is a televised event happening on May 15th to honour and celebrate Queen Elizabeth II. A Service of Thanksgiving on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on the 3rd of June, Friday.