Fraya Pent Review

BillyOh Fraya Pent Cabin Review

Note: This is a detailed overview by us to help you learn more about the cabin

We want to show you what we think is great about our BillyOh Fraya Pent Log Cabin. In this detailed review, we’ll explain what we think makes the Fraya stand out from the crowd.

Main Features

  • Pent Design with Front Overhang
  • Modern or Georgian Style
  • Solid Interlocking Construction
  • T&G Roof and Floor

Contemporary Design

The Fraya has a pent roof design with front overhang. This stylish feature provides a contemporary look and offers practical benefits too.

The front overhang allows water to run off the back of the building and shelters the entrance from the rain. It also benefits the garden in hot, summer months as the overhang offers welcoming shade for the building.

A front overhang provides shelter from the elements

If you’re looking for a log cabin with a modern design to suit your contemporary garden, we think the Fraya Pent is an ideal choice. The building also has an extra high, central door, and window design. This allows extra headroom when inside the cabin.

Window Style and Glazing

The Fraya Pent has modern or traditional window styles to choose from. The modern or Georgian bar windows enhance the style you want to create. You also get a choice of glazing options to suit your needs.

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The single glazed windows come with the building as standard. If you intend to use the building more during colder months, the upgraded toughened, double glazing could be a more suitable option.

Interlocking Construction

The building is constructed using a solid T&G cladding. This provides the building with its strength and durability. Interlocking T&G works effectively to stop water from entering the building and keep it protected from the elements.

You also get to choose from a variety of cladding thicknesses to suit your buildings needs. The 28mm and 44mm both supply a great level of protection for the cabin. The 28mm cladding is single tongue. This makes it more suitable for Spring and Summer use.

If you’re looking to use your cabin more regularly throughout the year, the 44mm cladding offers a higher level of protection. This is made using double tongue cladding which is 57% thicker than the 28mm option.

Pressure Treatment Available

Pressure treatment is great for extra durability and low maintenance. You won’t have to treat the building yourself at home as pressure treating penetrates the wood leaving you with a building that is equipped for the elements.

T&G Floor and Roof

The Fraya Pent has a choice of floor and roof options. Our 19mm T&G boards are supplied with pressure treated bearers which make the building more suited for heavy-duty use. We also supply 11mm T&G boards for standard domestic use. Or, if you want to add your own floor, we offer just bearers only.

You can choose between two different thicknesses for the T&G roof. For a standard level of protection, you can opt for the 11mm T&G roof. And, for a roof which is more heavy-duty, you can upgrade to a 19mm T&G roof.

We recommend roof cover for all our buildings as this provides better, long-lasting protection from the elements. Green mineral felt adds to the protection and you can add this to your order.


This is why we think the Fraya Pent makes an excellent choice for any garden. A modern design and construction give a great look and finish to the log cabin. Take a look at the Fraya Pent on our site to check out the log cabin sizes available.