What we do

BillyOh is one of UK’s most-trusted garden brands that design and manufacture top-of-the-line and affordable garden buildings such as sheds, log cabins, summerhouses, and sell outdoor living essentials such as barbecues and outdoor toys all delivered using an in-house transport network.

Dubbed as the flagship brand of Kybotech Ltd., an online mail-order retailer that successfully operates a family of home, garden, and leisure retail brands, BillyOh prides itself in its word-class products crafted to make the lives of its customers easier and practically comfortable.

Our Vision

Our founder only had one thing in mind when BillyOh was conceived: make the lives of people a lot easier and better. And up to this day, we always strive to meet our valued customer’s needs and expectations, keeping in mind our responsibility to offer them high-quality yet affordable products.

At BillyOh, we believe that everyone deserves a life of comfort. And comfort is what we always aim to provide them with.

Our Factories

Our manufacturing headquarters serve as our primary laboratories where most design innovations and ‘practical’ breakthroughs are conceived.


Workshop HQ

This is where all wooden sheds, garden storages, summerhouses, and playhouses are manufactured.


Sutton HQ

This is where all log cabins including the ‘6000 Range’, BillyOh’s flagship range, are produced.

The People Behind BillyOh

We are a diverse team of innovative people all working towards a common goal: create a garden lifestyle that spans across different outdoor living needs and design philosophies.

We are landscape designers, interior design experts, home builders, and adroit garden enthusiasts.

Above all else, we are home makers. We know how it feels to have a well-organised patio, a visually-captivating garden, and a perfect alfresco dining to boot.

BillyOh was conceived all in the name of providing its valued customers with an outdoor lifestyle that’s zeroed in on three key elements: convenience, comfort, and style.

“BillyOh is all about making your home and garden a safe and fun place to seize life’s precious moments, however fleeting.”

— Charles Walton, BillyOh Founder

The BillyOh Story

Our founder, Charles Walton, established BillyOh in 2005.

For over a decade now, the brand has been unwaveringly producing top-of-the-line garden buildings ranging from sheds, log cabins, summer houses, greenhouses, outdoor toys, playhouses, trampolines, to outdoor living essentials such as barbecues.

Our Story

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Stay connected. We always want to hear about your happy BillyOh experience.

For sales enquiries you may contact us thru the following:

Business Address:
BillyOh, Claylands Avenue, Workshop, Nottinghamshire S81 7BQ

Registered Address:
Kybotech Ltd., Claylands Avenue, Workshop, Nottinghamshire S81 7BQ

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