About - Billyoh

Welcome to Billyoh a brand name of Kybotech Ltd. We can appreciate that in a crowded marketplace,
it can be difficult to choose an outdoor building product, so why not take a few minutes to learn what sets us apart
and why Billyoh is the right company for you.


The company has been established within the outdoor building and leisure products industry since 2000. A family
run business, Charles Walton has helped guide the company from strength to strength.

How We Work

Billyoh are unique within the market, as we design, manufacture and deliver all of our wooden garden buildings directly from our
factory in the UK. This enables us to have complete control over the entire construction process. By manufacturing in house, our talented
engineers are able to constantly drive forward and constantly improve on our products.

With total control over dispatch and delivery we're able to deliver our products with ease and give a prompt, efficient service.

Billyoh Philosophy

Our first and foremost responsibility is to our customers. We exist and strive to develop quality, innovative products which our customers will enjoy
and make their lives better. At the centre of Billyoh philosophy is delivering a positive customer experience, making people feel valued and delivering
the best possible results. With a 24 hour customer service centre we are always available to talk through any questions.