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Garden Playhouses

Give your children a chance to have some great fun outdoors, in a safe and secure environment. Take a look through the BillyOh range of children’s playhouses for sale. With our selection of playhouses you will be able to get the kids outside and keep them entertained for hours. We have a brilliant range of wooden playhouses in a great range of sizes, features and designs. So why not make the decision with your children!

What Sort Of Kids Playhouses Are Available

In the BillyOh range we have playhouses for both boys and girls. So you can have a boys castle or a girls getaway, a playhouse might even bring together two of the most argumentative siblings. They’re an ideal space for children to have some fun and are perfect for hosting sleep overs or garden parties.

With a brilliant selection of childrens wooden playhouses, it doesn't matter what your garden size or style is, we will have a playhouse for you. If you’re looking to fit into a smaller garden size, why not look through our tower playhouses or wendy house range. Our tower playhouses can even include a slide feature, you won’t be able to bring your kids indoors.

For larger garden spaces, or if you are looking for a large wooden playhouse, then we also have two storey options available, which are brilliant as a child's play den.

BillyOh Bunny Max Playhouse

BillyOh Bunny Max Playhouse

from £240 £316 SAVE UP TO £76
BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Playhouse

BillyOh Annex Log Cabin Playhouse

from £979 £1,647 SAVE UP TO £668
BillyOh Gingerbread Max Playhouse

BillyOh Gingerbread Max Playhouse

from £700 £815 SAVE UP TO £115
BillyOh Lollipop Junior Tower Playhouse

BillyOh Lollipop Junior Tower Playhouse

from £635 £729 SAVE UP TO £94

BillyOh Gingerbread Junior Playhouse

from £352 £396 SAVE UP TO £44
BillyOh Lollipop Junior Playhouse

BillyOh Lollipop Junior Playhouse

from £509 £549 SAVE UP TO £40
BillyOh Peardrop Extra Playhouse

BillyOh Peardrop Extra Playhouse

from £587 £676 SAVE UP TO £89
BillyOh Lollipop Max Tower Playhouse

BillyOh Lollipop Max Tower Playhouse

from £689 £767 SAVE UP TO £78

BillyOh Lollipop Max Playhouse

from £526 £575 SAVE UP TO £49
BillyOh Peardrop Junior Playhouse

BillyOh Peardrop Junior Playhouse

from £589 £635 SAVE UP TO £46
BillyOh Junior Log Cabin Playhouse

BillyOh Junior Log Cabin Playhouse

from £627 £703 SAVE UP TO £76
BillyOh Bunny Max Tower Playhouse

BillyOh Bunny Max Tower Playhouse

from £396 £439 SAVE UP TO £43
*Subject to delivery postcode


What do I put in a playhouse?

Start with a small wooden table or desk and chairs. It'll act as a place for them to get creative with drawings, writing or paintings and also give them a place to sit when they want to take a break from whatever they're doing. Then kit it out with building blocks, LEGO, cuddly toys or a toy vehicle depending on their age.

How do you build a playhouse?

With our simple, easy-to-follow instructions that are provided with every playhouse, you'll have it constructed and ready to go in a matter of a few hours. You'll need a hammer, screwdriver, tape measure and step ladder as well as a few other tools.

Do playhouses come pre-painted?

No, but we do sell a range of paint colours that we've hand-picked to suit each playhouse as additional extras on each product page. They're easy to paint on yourself.

How long does a wendy house or playhouse last?

Like with all our buildings, we offer a 10 year anti-rot guarantee as long as you construct the building in accordance with our guidelines, so we'd say at least this long, if not longer.

What ages are playhouses for?

Our playhouses can be for children as young as 1 or 2 to as old as 7 or 8. We have different sized playhouses to suit different ages, that vary on both height and floor space.  Ideally, we'd advise that 4-6 year olds with enjoy them most.

Why is a child's playhouse called a wendy house?

Supposedly, they're named after Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. Soon after she arrived in Peter's world, Neverland, she was injured, so Peter Pan and the Lost Boys built a small house for her. Peter Pan was written in the early 1900s by J.M. Barrie.

Do playhouses need planning permission?

As long as you don't put the playhouse in your front garden and nearer than 2m to your house, no, you shouldn't. There are height restrictions on outbuildings in back gardens, but none of our playhouses flout those rules.

Do wooden playhouses need a base?

We would advise all that all of our playhouses go on a concrete or gravel base apart from tower playhouses, which are rooted into the ground with wooden stakes. This is so that moisture from the ground isn't absorbed by the wood that makes up the main structure of the house, as this can lead to rot and damage the building.

Kids Playhouses and Wendy Houses UK

Designed with safety in mind, all of our playhouses are EN-71 compliant and rigorously checked to ensure they are of the highest standard for domestic use. To keep our Outdoor Garden Play Houses safe, features such as the safety rail, SAN-glazed shatterproof plastic windows and safety gaps ensure that injury due to the structure of any BillyOh playhouses is impossible.


Note: The majority of our playhouses are unsuitable for children under the age of 36 months and have a maximum weight of 50kg.


With a wooden playhouse from BillyOh, you can save hundreds on holiday clubs and forget about the need to scoot your kids around to various activities during half-terms and on bank holidays.


Let their imagination run wild. Let your imagination run wild! A new wendy house from BillyOh is a blank canvas. It can be anything you want it to be - whether that's a pirate ship, a restaurant or a spa (P.S. it's up to them, not you!)


We stock more than a dozen types of wendy house for your little one, starting from just £385 for our purpose-built potting shed. Ideal for letting any green-fingered cubs with a penchant for the outdoor space try their hand at your typical garden jobs (planting seeds, etc.). It's a mini garden shed for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 8.

Log Cabin Playhouses

Log cabin playhouses are the premium wooden playhouse option in our wide range, with multi-room options and customisable accessories available on each one. Our most popular log cabin playhouse is the Annex, which features a stable door design, two stories and three rooms. Each log cabin playhouse emulates the premium design of our full-sized log cabins, with 19mm thick wall panels and the floor, roof and felt included as standard. 


Perfect for the for summer holidays


Keeping in mind designs from outdoor playhouses new and old we've seen on the market, we can guarantee that each and every wendy house in our collection will be met with pure, unadulterated excitement when revealed on any birthday, Christmas or other special occasion. Rest assured with the complete safety and peace of mind that your kids will be occupied for hours with an outdoor playhouse from BillyOh.


At BillyOh, we stock a huge range of playhouse designs to cater for every parent's style and taste. 


Outdoor Playhouses For Every Child


Playhouses are more than just a kids outdoor building. We've got an amazing range of additional extras, toys and accessories to liven up any wendy house in our collection, including toy binoculars and periscopes, window shutters and flower boxes for decoration. 


Each one of our outdoor playhouses exhibits its own unique contemporary playhouse style, whether that be through the number of storeys it has or through the wood we use for the exterior cladding.


Tower & Two-Storey Playhouses


As aforementioned in our introduction to log cabin playhouses, two-storey playhouses are also an option. These are great for families who might have limited garden space, need some additional space for the kids, or simply want to give the children the playhouse of dreams! No-one wants their little ones to grow up too quickly, but they'll relish their own living space, with a bedroom and a living room allowing them to vanquish their frustration at not being able to do what they want.


Tower playhouses are similar but different; instead of being based on an upstairs-downstairs design, they only feature one-storey, but are just as tall if not taller than a two-storey playhouse due to being raised off the ground by up to 4 feet; access is from a ladder leant on the side of the front platform. Some of our tower playhouses, such as the Lollipop Max Tower Wooden Playhouse, also fall into our 'playhouses with slides' category.

Popular Playhouses


Our Gingerbread Junior Playhouse, amongst others, is perhaps our most popular wendy playhouse for kids. It's a great example of what a good wendy house should be; fun, spacious and health & safety compliant, with styrene windows which adhere to British safety regulations and won't smash or shatter even if hit by a football. The Gingerbread wendy house comes in both standard and tower versions, with a window box or two to which any flowers or plants can be added for a pop of colour and optional picket fences at the front.