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Wooden Garden Chairs

A wooden garden chair is a staple item of any outdoor setting. Not only are wooden garden chairs comfortable and stylish, but they're also practical. Made from high-quality and hard-wearing, weather-resistant materials, they're suitable year-round.

Introduce a timeless and classic natural look to your garden, balcony or patio. Shop from sets or single wooden garden chairs from BillyOh.

Newby Adirondack Armchair Lounger with Slide away Leg Rest

Newby Adirondack Armchair Lounger with Slide away Leg Rest

£82 £115 SAVE UP TO £33
Leven Adirondack Armchair with Adjustable Back Rest

Leven Adirondack Armchair with Adjustable Back Rest

£82 £119 SAVE UP TO £37
Bowland Adirondack Wooden Rocking Chair

Bowland Adirondack Wooden Rocking Chair

£84 £109 SAVE UP TO £25
BillyOh Windsor Jack n Jill Tete a Tete Companion Garden Love Seat

BillyOh Windsor Jack n Jill Tete a Tete Companion Garden Love Seat

£120 £149 SAVE UP TO £29
BillyOh Windsor Armchair - 1/2/4/6/8/10 Wooden High Back Armchairs

BillyOh Windsor Armchair - 1/2/4/6/8/10 Wooden High Back Armchairs

from £65 £89 SAVE UP TO £24
Children's Adirondack Rocking Chair

Children's Adirondack Rocking Chair

£42 £55 SAVE UP TO £13

BillyOh Windsor Reclining Garden Chair - 1/2/4/6/8/10 Available

from £65
*Subject to delivery postcode


How to clean, protect and preserve wooden garden furniture?

To ensure the longevity of your wooden garden furniture, there are a couple of steps you can take. First, treatments will depend on what type of wood it's made from. For example, hardwoods require less maintenance due to their hardy nature.

Either way, the best place to start is a gentle wash with soapy water. Try to minimise the use of chemicals when cleaning which may damage the wood. Avoid using a pressure washer as well (or use it on a low setting) as it may chip paints and treatments and even splinter wood.

The use of oil-based primers then exterior wood paint or processes such as stripping and then using a stain, treatment or restorer can also bring wooden furniture back to life. Check out BillyOh's wood basics for more info.

What paint to use on wooden garden furniture

Make sure to use wood paint that's marked for exterior use and then apply a treatment or stain to maintain paintwork and protect your furniture.

How to clean wooden garden furniture

Start by removing caked-on dirt and debris in any cracks and gaps with a soft bristle brush. Then use warm soapy water (minimising the use of harmful chemicals) and a sponge to wipe the furniture down. Allow it to try and then consider sanding and applying a treatment.

Why buy wooden garden chairs?

BillyOh's range of wooden garden chairs are durable and long-lasting. Their aesthetic also blends well with natural environments or offsets more contemporary outdoor spaces. Wooden chairs are essentially perfect for any situation - for extra seating, relaxing by yourself, or dining. Our chairs blend in with both your garden design and our other sets. So if you want to add some comfy seating to your space, or an existing setting without investing in a whole new set - pick up a wooden chair today!

Wooden Chairs

Our wood garden furniture range uses acacia and eucalyptus hardwood. These materials are ideal for use outdoors, as they're both durable and long-lasting. Plus, if you want to, these woods serve as the perfect blank canvas to stain or paint your furniture.

Whether you're after something with a slatted seat for the aesthetic appeal or strong acacia wood for the build, you'll find it all here. Our wide selection of garden chairs are perfect for adding to a dining or lounge set or simply making the most of some extra space outdoors.

With a gorgeous blend of elegant and simple design, BillyOh wooden chairs are durable - so you won't have to constantly replace or update your set. With just a little maintenance they can be left outside in even poor weather conditions or stored away to increase their usage life. Entertain friends, family, or just yourself with somewhere new to relax in your garden.

Wooden Garden Furniture

As well as outdoor chairs, you'll also find a whole host of other lovely products in our wooden furniture range.

Garden Benches, Garden Tables, and Sun Loungers

Whether you're after wooden, plastic, or rattan furniture - shop from sun loungers, dining sets, tables and so much more. Easily filter your search by your requirements and budget and let BillyOh do the rest as we show you the best products for your needs.

Style Your Outdoor Space

Whether you want to complement a dining set or add extra seating, our selection of wooden chairs provides the perfect solution. A foldable chair offers a classic design with modern functionality, whilst a garden armchair is perfect for relaxing.

Our outdoor dining chairs, made from durable wood can add rustic charm to al-fresco dining no matter the size of your garden. Whether you've landscaped in a classic design or a contemporary style - we've got something to match.

So for everything from a bistro set to garden seating to suit your wooden garden table - check out this range. Or head over to our blog for more garden ideas for your garden space.

A Choice of Cushions and Colours

And it's not just a range of garden furniture that we stock. We also have a range of styles available in our furniture accessories range. Find the perfect cushion from our range of colours to finish off your design. Or add that extra bit of comfort to our folding garden chairs. You can even really plump up a wooden deck chair for those afternoon naps after a leisurely lunch.

Whatever your choice, we've got covers to keep your furniture safe, and cushions to keep it comfy!


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