Plastic Garden Furniture

More and more people are now recognising plastic garden furniture as an excellent option for filling an outdoor space. Its growing popularity makes it a contender against other, more traditional garden furniture due to its attractive price tag, durability, and the fact that it’s low maintenance. Plastic furniture is perfect for use year-round.

And gone are the days of the flimsy plastic garden chair that snaps under any weight! The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic used in BillyOh’s plastic furniture and trestle tables is expertly designed to offer a sturdy and long-lasting addition to your garden.

Marbella 4 Seater Rattan Effect Sofa Set with Coffee Table


Marbella 4 Seater Rattan Effect Armchair Set with Coffee Table


Marbella 5 Seater Rattan Effect Sofa Set with Coffee Table


Sölback Grey Bistro Set


Marbella 3-Seater Rattan-Effect Sofa in Brown


Marbella 3-Seater Rattan Effect Sofa in Grey


Marbella 2-Seater Rattan Effect Balcony Set in Graphite


Marbella 2-Seater Rattan Armchair Furniture Set with Coffee Table


Marbella 3-Seater Rattan Effect Sofa in Graphite with Cream Cushions


Marbella 2-Seater Rattan Effect Sofa in Grey with Cushions


Grey Outdoor Bar Table


Sölback Black Bistro Set

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Why should I choose plastic garden furniture?

Plastic garden furniture has many benefits! It's easy to clean, lightweight, durable and low maintenance, to name a few. Plus, it's a relatively affordable material.

What kind of plastic is the garden furniture made from?

Our plastic garden furniture is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is ideal for outdoor items because it's strong and durable to cope with harsh weather.

Can you leave plastic furniture outdoors in the rain?

Yes! This is one of the key benefits of using plastic furniture. Plastic is waterproof and therefore won't become damaged when left outside on rainy days.

Will plastic furniture fade in the sun?

No. Our HDPE plastic is UV resistant so that it won't be affected by the sun's rays. This means that any colour the plastic is in will stay intact.

How many people can sit around the plastic trestle tables?

Our larger size (6ft) can have eight people sitting around it at any time, while our smaller size table (4ft) can still host a respectable six people!

How do I clean my folding trestle table?

As it's plastic, it's super simple to clean. If you use a cloth to wipe the surfaces, any dirt will quickly come off.

Plastic Tables

A heavy-duty plastic garden table is perfect for hosting a wide range of events! It can be a camping table, a card table, a party table, a picnic table - or a table for anything else you can imagine. The versatility of a simple plastic table is unparalleled by any other piece of outdoor furniture - making it an ideal choice for every garden.

Our plastic tables are designed for multifunctionality. They can be used indoors or outdoors. They come in a neutral white, acting as a blank slate for decorating - perfect for bake sales and stall set-up. They also simply wipe clean, for use again and again.

Selecting the piece of garden furniture to cover all your needs can be challenging. But, our plastic trestle tables have a lot to offer anyone on the lookout for a quality outdoor table. They're durable, lightweight, and can be stored easily - providing you with a fuss-free solution to your furniture needs.

Folding Tables

A key feature that makes our tables ideal for outdoor use is that they can fold. A foldable table is practical in many ways, particularly:


Storing a folding table couldn't be simpler. There's no need to worry about it taking up precious storage space in your shed or home. Instead, just fold it neatly in half and voila!

Both sizes of our Trestle Table fold to be just 9cm deep, so you can neatly tuck away your table when it's not in use - saving valuable space if you have a small garden or a lack storage space.


Another benefit of a plastic folding table is that it can travel with you. Because it folds into such a convenient shape, it can easily be thrown in the back of your car when you're going on a camping trip or to a friend's house. So, buying a folding table isn't just a purchase for the home - it can go wherever you go.

What's more, our portable table comes with a carry handle - could we have made carrying a table any easier?


All of our plastic garden dining tables are made from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) that won't crack, peel, or chip when exposed to harsh weather. So, you can rest easy in the knowledge that this isn't a purchase that'll only last a summer or two.

Another way we've ensured that our tables are long-lasting is through the powder-coated steel table legs. The powder coating increases the durability of the steel and lets the vibrant finish of the silver last longer.


Our foldable tables are available in two sizes. The smaller is 4ft, which folds to become 2ft. This table can comfortably seat six people, so it's relatively large. The next size is 6ft, folding to 3ft, and can host eight people.

So, the whole family can come together for a barbeque party around either size of this outdoor dining table. Or, if you were to host a garden party with more people, set up the table as a buffet for your friends and family to pick from. There's always a use for such a versatile table!

Affordable Garden Tables

Our trestle tables are incredibly budget-friendly, making them an excellent choice for anyone who wants a high-quality garden table without breaking the bank.

And, you can order yours today! With fast delivery across the UK, you will be sitting around your new table in no time.