Garden Shed Base, Foundation & Flooring Kits

BillyOh has a number of garden shed bases and foundations to choose from. Whatever the size of your shed floor, we've got all your base needs covered. Go for traditional real wood floor with a premium tongue and groove floor or an economy solid sheet floor for low intensity use and a great budget floor option. Be notified that all our BillyOh flooring options are specifically designed to fit BillyOh wooden garden building range, only. Happy buying!

BillyOh Wooden Shed Premium Tongue and Groove Floor

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Shed Bases UK

We recommend that any garden structure have a sturdy base to prevent uneven pressure and the build-up of ground moisture. So scroll down to select our range of affordable and high-quality solutions to a long-lasting garden building.


Pick Your Garden Building

Start by picking your garden building from our wide range. Larger and heavier strictures like log cabins may require more substantial bases.

A Range Of Options

Check back in to this page to find plastic bases that can be filled with pea gravel to provide support and drainage or shop from our timber options. You can even check out our decking options if you're planning on remodelling your garden for a new building.

A Suitable Surface

Remember to provide a level surface that's free from obstructions such as roots and large stones when purchasing and installing a shed base.

A Solid Base

On top of a level base, make sure to create a strong foundation using concrete, pavers, a BillyOh Eze Base or timber bearers.

Prepare The Ground

Check out our blog for information on how to build a level base on sloped ground and for more on ground preparation. Make sure to mark out your area and clear the ground before delivery.

What Type of Base?

With a wide range of building options also comes a wide range of bases. Scroll down to see what they are.

Concrete Slab

More expensive but potentially longer-lasting than timber bases, concrete foundations can provide a suitable base for heavier buildings like cabins. This solid foundation may be prone to cracking in colder weather if not properly poured, however.

Paving Slabs

Perfect for re-using materials lying around the garden, you can build up level ground with a paved base to create a foundation that protects your shed from ground moisture.


Keep your timber base level and provide a sheet or tongue and groove floor with our shed base options.

Plastic Shed Base

A cheap and stable base option, plastic can be filled and even emptied of gravel to move your shed if you wish to reposition it.

Do You Need a Membrane?

Most experts recommend laying a weed-proof membrane sheet beneath the foundation of your shed, whatever option you choose.

Easy Assembly

You shouldn't require an assembly service with our easy-to-fit bases. Provide a strong foundation and a level base to your garden shed today with fast and free UK delivery to most of the mainland.