Plastic Garden Storage Sheds

Looking for a cheaper garden storage solution without the typical costs of a metal or wooden shed? What about a weather-resistant storage space to keep your garden tools safe and sound? Look no further than a BillyOh plastic shed.

BillyOh's huge range of plastic sheds rival the popular Keter Manor and Keter Store-It-Out for value, style and practicality and are the perfect storage solution for any cluttered outdoor space.

Jasmine 4x6 Plastic Apex Shed with Foundation Kit


BillyOh Duraplus 8ftx8ft Plastic Apex Shed


BillyOh Ashford Apex Plastic Garden Storage Shed Including Foundation Kit Grey


BillyOh Kingston Apex Plastic Shed Light Grey With Floor


Lifetime 6ftx3.5ft Heavy Duty Horizontal Storage Plastic Shed


BillyOh York Pent White Plastic Shed

from £380

BillyOh StoreAll 8x6ft Apex Plastic Shed with Foundation Kit


Saffron Apex Plus 10.5x8ft Vinyl Shed


BillyOh Oxford Pent Plastic Shed Dark Grey With Floor


BillyOh Newport 6ftx4ft Lean To Plastic Shed Light Grey With Floor


Saffron 8ftx5ft Vinyl Shed Including Foundation Kit

from £470

Saffron Lean-To 4ft×8ft Vinyl Shed Including Foundation Kit

*Subject to delivery postcode


Is delivery free?

Our delivery is free to the majority of mainland postcodes in England and Wales. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information about where charges apply.

Are plastic sheds easy to assemble?

Yes. All of our plastic sheds come with a paper booklet of assembly instructions included in the box, to ensure the assembly process goes as smoothly as possible, and construction should be completed within a few hours with two people on the job.

Are plastic sheds fireproof?

No. Our plastic sheds are made from fire-retardant plastic, which may offer some protection, but  aren't entirely fire-resistant, so the correct precautions should be taken to ensure that no naked flames are left in the presence of the building.

Are plastic sheds recyclable?

Yes, they're recyclable and good for the environment. Once you're done with your plastic shed, check with your local recycling plant for instructions on how to dispose of it.

Do you need planning permission for a storage shed?

For the most part, no, you shouldn't need planning permission, although there are certain rules you have to abide by. The main ones are that your shed shouldn't be in the front garden, should be at least 2m away from your house and shouldn't be over 2.5m tall. Check with your local council if you're not sure.

Can a plastic shed be installed directly onto concrete?

Yes, as concrete can act as a base for the shed.

How long do plastic sheds last?

As with all of our products, we offer a ten-year guarantee against rot and decay. Plastic, though, is a highly durable material and does not decompose easily. Our plastic sheds should last at least this long if treated well.

Do plastic sheds sweat?

Plastic sheds are much less susceptible to condensation and damp than metal sheds, for example. Many of our plastic sheds, such as the Ashford and the Oxford, have air ducts which allow for the ventilation of the building. This allows the air inside to be replenished and recycled and ensures the temperature of the outside of the building does not fluctuate too much from the temperature inside.

Do plastic sheds blow away?

Our plastic sheds might be lightweight, but they're not lightweight enough to blow away! In our twenty years of garden expertise we've never had a report of one of plastic sheds blowing away.

Do plastic sheds need a base?

Not necessarily. Because they're not made out of a porous material like wood, there's no concern about water soaking into the framework of the shed, and subsequently no need to worry about rot or decay. A base can still help your plastic shed to be more stable though, and can allow the easier installation of a floor. Some of our plastic sheds come included with a foundation kit which acts as a base for the shed.


Plastic Sheds UK

At BillyOh, we like to give our customers choice. With both apex garden storage, pent garden storage, lean-to storage and plastic garden storage boxes available amongst our selection of plastic garden sheds, it's almost impossible to not find exactly what you're looking for, right here on this page.


Plastic Storage Units and Boxes

While our wooden garden sheds are traditionally popular and are entirely capable of storing all sorts of garden equipment, plastic garden storage units are the future of outdoor storage. With an array of qualities, such as their low maintenance design, their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and their lightweight plastic construction, a quality plastic garden storage unit from BillyOh will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your gardening tools and garden clutter is stored away from rain and potential onlookers.


Our range starts at just £199 with the BillyOh Swindon Outdoor Storage Box. Made from heavy duty plastic, the walls panels are a solid 12mm thick and are anti-UV treated to ensure that the slick appearance of the box doesn't wane over time and the colours are not affected by the sun. Not only that, but galvanised steel tubes within the walls ensure extra protection for any garden tools you may be keeping in there, and the lid is lockable as well. A stunning product for a stunning price, the Swindon is perfect for people who are not intending to store any extra-large items, and want easy access at all times.


The selection is completed at the top end by the Ashford Apex Plastic Garden Storage Shed. With a selection of three different sizes available, the Ashford starts at £625 for the 6x6 model. It comes with a foundation kit, which allows you to build a floor and built-in air ducts for ventilation and circulation.

Benefits Of Plastic

Durable Material

Plastic sheds are much less susceptible to weather conditions than wooden and metal sheds. Unlike with a wooden shed, you don't need to worry about rot or decay, and unlike with a metal shed, you don't need to worry about rust.


Our plastic sheds are easy to install and assemble, and are also the easiest out of our three types of shed to move, if you're moving house or just want to relocate it to somewhere else in your garden.

Attractive Material

Plastic is versatile and comes in a range of different colours without having to be painted. It is much smoother than wood and metal and less easy to blemish. 


At BillyOh, we pride ourselves on market-beating prices and like to make sure our customers get great value for money. Our plastic sheds are some of our cheapest.