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Biard LED Stainless Steel Solar Post Light

When night falls it can become difficult to navigate the darker areas surrounding your home. Walkways, garden paths, terraces, porches and driveways sometimes need extra lighting, so your property isn’t shrouded in darkness outside. Our solar post light is perfect in that regard, adding much needed light at a price you can afford.

The low cost is down to two important factors. Firstly, this is a non-wired lighting solution that relies on the free energy provided by the sun during the day. It charges up the AA batteries to come into play after dark, doing all the hard work itself. With no additional installation costs required, that means there are no extra electricity bills to worry about, while you still get a great lighting effect outside.

Our solar powered post light can produce lighting power up to 15 lumens, which is more than enough to illuminate important areas around the home. It’s extremely low maintenance with a clean required once every 6 months to prevent discolouration, and the installation process is made easy and straightforward.

Wherever you choose to position the stainless steel post light - be it at ground level or on-top of a wall or post - your home will reap all the benefits. It helps create great atmosphere around any type of property, while also adding an important layer of security. This is a low-hassle lighting fixture that adds kerb appeal and value without having to break the bank.