Our Favourite 35 Pinterest Garden Ideas That You’ll Love Too

Pinterest is an excellent source of creative ideas and inspiration. You can also find a great deal of DIY and how-to tutorials there for free!

There are inspiration boards made for you, no matter where you are on your design journey. So take garden style and landscaping ideas as a jumping-off point.

You’ll discover tons of pins about the best outdoor furniture, plants, fixtures and more. But to help you save time from scrolling your Pinterest feed, we already did the work for you!

Here, our team has curated all our top favourite garden ideas from this image-sharing app. Read on and get ready to take some notes!

1. The bamboo hideaway

The bamboo corners of this garden gives a unique and natural touch to the space. You’ll see floating banana-shaped chairs in a small garden lake that creates a separate leisure area.

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The overall aim of tropical-mixed decoration and privacy is fulfilled in this concept.

A garden with bamboo corners

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2. Terrace garden blended with marble and wood

A garden idea like this is something you can call successful. The design is modern, with LED,  marble flooring, and floating bench.

But the added elements into it, such as wood, add a touch of conventional look, combined with greenery in big pots.

Terrace garden blended with marble and wood

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3. Blank canvas of plot turned into an ultimate retreat

This fully transformed contemporary retreat offers refreshing relaxation spaces. The lawn is rectangular with a reflective pond set within it.

A black cube pergola houses two sun loungers. In the middle there is a west-facing paved area for a sofa and low table.

Contemporary retreat with refreshing relaxation spaces

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4. Simple retreat-like patio

Take a cue from this humble patio design to set the summer mood. Tackle the space with your own lighting of choice, from string lights to lanterns.

Summer retreat-like patio

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5. The pride of the garden

This fine bonsai planted in the middle is the pride of this well-maintained garden. The pride dwarf tree is pruned and shaped to prolong its elegance.

A fine bonsai planted in the middle is the pride of this well-maintained garden

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6. Boxwood in the landscape

We love the boxwoods in this two-tiered modern garden space. With rich green foliage year-round and the sound of the flowing water from the pond make this small haven a perfect place for unwinding.

Boxwoods in a two-tiered modern garden space

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7. Mediterranean inspired corner backyard

The owners of this Mediterranean retreat get most of the sun thanks to the wooden sun loungers. They also hung up fairy lights around the tree to perfectly light up the area in the evenings.

The fire pit in the centre adds the finishing touch.

Mediterranean inspired corner backyard

(Image Credit)

8. Backyard hammock oasis escape

This is probably the simplest way to enjoy the lazy days of summer. Turn the unused area of your garden into a hammock oasis escape! Add some lighting to create the mood.

Wooden deck and ivy wall in a modern patio

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9. Wooden deck and ivy wall

The design of this patio can either be a little update or a big transformation for your space. Nonetheless, the raised wooden deck and ivy wall for privacy will surely add value to your home.

Wooden deck and ivy wall in a modern patio

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10. Traditional and modern intertwine

The small corner space of this garden screams like a Balinese Eden next to the beach. Surrounded with trees and rich foliage, with the sun perfectly reflecting the rectangular pool.

The wooden deck offers a space for the sun loungers to sit on. A few steps forward and you’ll be welcomed by an outdoor shower.

Traditional and modern intertwined in one garden

(Image Credit)

11. Raised lounge area with pool

This garden idea will surely be adorned by your kids! There’s a fun space for them to make the most of the summer. And with the raised deck lounge and a grassy area furnished with hammocks and sun loungers, there’s a place for the whole family!

Raised garden lounge area with pool

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12. The North London garden

The lighting, sculptural forms and architectural plants make this garden so modern and fancy. Even though the space seems to be open, the curvilinear forms create separate areas.

The North London garden

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13. Neat architecture and abundance of blooms

Lush blooms appear in this New York terrace; boxwood and dwarf evergreens mix with perennials. You’ll spot flowering annuals and tropical plants, too.

The plant border creates a division, one for a full-view garden and another one for simple al fresco dining.

A terrace with boxwood and dwarf evergreens mix with perennials

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14. Hot tub decks

An open hot tub spot in your garden can give you a place somewhere to escape, relax and unwind after a long day. This sunken stone lounge makes the perfect concept for your leisure dreams.

The greenery adds some privacy, while the lamps and other decor features make the space pop more.

Hot tub garden deck

(Image Credit)

15. Hotel-like roof garden

Modern and classy are the two factors that describe this hotel-inspired roof garden. The tall plants and surrounding bushes provide a serene environment, blending well with the earthy-tone colour of the furniture.

Modern and classy hotel-like roof garden

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16. Massive arch hedges with recessed floor light fixture

Giving off a modern Greek style garden, the massive arch hedges alone are enough to create a focal point in this long plot. It’s one of our favourite garden hedge ideas, and the LED round fixtures on the lawn makes a difference.

Massive arch hedges with recessed floor light fixture

(Image Credit)

17. Minimalist tropical garden

“Less is more” – this quote embodies this minimalist yet elegant tropical garden. Amongst its many amazing layers, the swing and simple seating area are what makes the space so inviting.

One of the highlights is the diversion of the plants, which makes sense why it’s a tropical-themed terrace.

Minimalist tropical garden

(Image Credit)

18. Decomposed granite entrance

You’re looking at a stabilised decomposed granite path in a landscape. It creates the perfect entryway that will surely impress the guests and the whole neighbourhood!

Decomposed granite garden entrance

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19. Magical seaside garden

The designer developed a story of a tsunami landing on this garden space. You’ll see a landscape of randomly scattered boulders, drifts of sand, and boardwalks that tie the house and backyard together.

The practical touch of this design allows impromptu seating, while achieving the look of the seaside.

Magical seaside garden concept

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20. The ultimate al fresco dining

This fabulous outdoor dining space was clearly inspired by nature. The trees are integrated into the bar countertop, allowing you to enjoy a cocktail under a tree surrounded by tranquil countryside.

Al fresco dining with trees integrated into the bar countertop

(Image Credit)

21. Chic cottage core backyard

Combining period and contemporary moods, this cottage core-inspired yard is effortlessly beautiful! The grapevine-covered pergolas are inviting, with relaxing shady verandas and tree-lined trails.

This concept is perfect for you if you wish to have a swoon-worthy garden and charming outdoor living space.

Chic cottage core backyard

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22. Decking lounge with a view of the ponds

Serenity and tranquility are the best qualities to describe this outdoor space. The two-tiered wooden decks offer a good deal of space for seating arrangements.

While the wooden bridge in the middle separates the two ponds that adds natural charm to the yard.

Decking lounge with a view of the ponds

(Image Credit)

23. The house of forest

Bring the outdoors in with a greenhouse turned into an indoor garden like this! The space feels so warm, airy, and full of life; spending your time here can make you feel like you’re in another world!

Greenhouse turned into an indoor garden and al fresco dining

(Image Credit)

24. Floating garden stairs

If you’re looking for ways to style up your hillside landscape, you can’t go wrong with this creative stairway. Ideal for sloping gardens, this pathway can provide you two things:

An easier path to walk between areas of your garden and add value to your property.

Floating garden wooden stairs

(Image Credit)

25. Charming vegetable garden

A raised bed garden offers many advantages to in-ground gardening. This beautiful and practical veggie garden with raised bed design will surely benefit you and your property.

The pergola arch adds a charm to it.

Charming vegetable garden with pergola

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26. Modern Zen garden concept

Experience a symphony of stone, water, lush greenery and lighting in this modern Zen garden design. The compositions are exquisite and it is as though you’re looking at art.

There’s nothing to add or take away from this outdoor space concept – everything is just the right mix!

Modern Zen garden concept

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27. Dreamy outdoor living space

This lush green sanctuary is an excellent example of how to create separate areas. The space is divided by greenery and defined by colourful rugs, while the plants, lights, and soft textures provide a cosy contrast.

Lush green sanctuary with separate areas

(Image Credit)

28. Winning backyard pool

If you’re looking for tropical garden ideas with a touch of modern design, this concept could be the perfect one for you! The mini pool is enclosed with a wooden deck and a transparent glass wall.

This style is perfect for those with smaller garden space as well.

Mini pool enclosed with a wooden deck and a transparent glass wall

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29. Compact garden

Turn your little garden into a beautiful, thriving paradise with this design! The narrow space in this inner-city suburb offers a clean-lined entertaining area.

Top tip: Place seating and planting at the perimeters to gain maximum clear space for entertaining.

Compact garden space concept

(Image Credit)

30. Desert landscape design

Placing boulders in the desert landscape adds a dramatic element. Drought-tolerant plants paired with pebble stones complete the look of this front yard desert landscape design.

Desert landscape design

(Image Credit)

31. Enchanted pathway

Adding a beautiful scenery around the house, this fairy tale-like pathway is so pleasing and refreshing to the eyes. It makes the property more charming than ever!

Enchanted garden pathway

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32. Secret garden corner

This unused corner of the garden is transformed into a secret haven. A hammock is hung and surrounded by lush foliage; the pebbled stone floor helps make the space look tropical.

If you plan to spend the afternoon into late evening reading a book in this spot, make sure to add a torch or any source of lighting.

Secret garden corner with a hammock

(Image Credit)

33. Fancy outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a must if you love hosting al fresco dining or BBQ parties. And this state-of-the-art wood-fired kitchen will surely motivate you to cook and enjoy more food for the soul!

Fancy outdoor kitchen

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34. French style patio

The living wall in this space is to die for; it gives off life and vibrant into the space. The Parisian-chic outdoor furniture is in the pumpkin colour, perfect for fall season.

French style patio

(Image Credit)

35. The modern jungle

Who would’ve thought that this garden concept is a computer generated image? The sides of this small yard from up to down is packed with lush greens, such as vines, banana leaves, and more!

There’s a mini L-shaped outdoor seating as well as a tiny bistro set. It’s up to you if you want this concept to come to life!

The modern jungle concept

(Image Credit)


Scrolling for mood board inspirations on Pinterest can be overwhelming, especially with literally so many ideas that pop every refresh. So we hope this post will help you lessen that mind-boggling feeling and find the aspiration you’re looking for in your garden.

We did our very best to curate the best of both world garden ideas pins and mood boards we could find just for you! Let us know below which one is your favourite or your favourites.

We’ll come up with more cool ideas in our next post, so stay tuned for that.

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