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Fabric Sheds

If you travel, go camping, don't have space for a permanent shed, or just want a quick solution - a fabric shed is a perfect option. Made from high-quality durable and weatherproof material, these pop-up sheds are portable and built to last. Get hassle-free garden storage at a budget-friendly price with BillyOh.

BillyOh Flexi 12x20 Pop Up Fabric Portable Garage

BillyOh Flexi 12x20 Pop Up Fabric Portable Garage

£415 £699 SAVE UP TO £284
BillyOh Flexi Pop Up Portable Fabric Shed

BillyOh Flexi Pop Up Portable Fabric Shed

from £139.99 £234 SAVE UP TO £94.01
*Subject to delivery postcode


Portable shed, garage, or carport?

Whether you need something to take with you on the go or a cheap but quality alternative to a permanent carport, a fabric shed could be the solution. With weather-proof qualities, easy assembly, and hard-wearing materials - they're a budget option that's built to last.

How big are fabric sheds?

We offer fabric sheds in a range of sizes, including:

  • 6x6" fabric sheds
  • 10x10" fabric sheds
  • 12x20" fabric garages

So you can find the perfect size for your needs and budget.

Fabric Garden Sheds

Just think - the perfect solution for needing a carport on holiday or whilst camping. A cheap alternative to installing a garage or even a storage shed. Whatever you decide to use it for, a portable outdoor garden patio shed is a quick solution to your problems.

Make The Most of Limited Garden Space

Fabric sheds are great for storing garden supplies whilst you build a shed (or even a new house if you're in a transitional phase) or for patio furniture. Larger models can even be used to house vehicles. So whether you just want to provide some extra protection to lawn furniture or you need something to take on your next camping trip - pick up a fabric shed from BillyOh today!

Durable Materials

The weatherproof walls of our portable sheds are made from high-quality, low-maintenance materials that ensure dry storage of outdoor items in even inclement weather.

Easy Assembly

The assembly time couldn't be quicker! Our fabric sheds are quick assembly with simple instructions to have your shed popped up in no time. Perfect for taking with you on your travels, these sheds can be put up quickly in the case of sudden weather onsets.

A Smart Design, A Clever Solution

The reason fabric sheds are such an ideal storage solution for garden equipment is that they protect the contents from harsh weather. By providing a dry space, you can give yourself the breathing room necessary - whether that's to construct a tent, set up on the beach, or get your tools out ready for work. Plus, the attractive design of our fabric sheds means that you can keep your items dry without having to compromise your view!

Perfect For Garden Gear and More

For everything from garden tools to a lawn mower, outdoor equipment and other seasonal items - invest in a BillyOh fabric shed.

Get Your Fabric Storage Sheds Today

Plus, get fast and free UK delivery to most of the mainland. Protect your outdoor essentials today with affordable storage solutions from BillyOh!