There are a number of small but essential tools and accessories that can make life much easier in the garden. Our Pack of 10 Galvanised Steel Pegs 6\"/15 cm Length fall into that category and can be used for a wide variety of tasks in the garden. They are strong and reliable so once you have them in place they can be left to offer the support you need.

Their versatility means you can use the steel metal pegs for securing woven and non-woven landscape membranes, netting, ground sheets, artificial grass, plant cuttings, weed control fabric, irrigation pipes and polythene sheeting. They offer firm security to keep these materials in place, and can also be used to hold outdoor electrical cables in place, secure pest protection netting and more.

Our ground staples have a U-shaped design as it provides greater levels of tension in the soil. This ensures an excellent hold and longer-term security for the materials or items they are holding in place. You are also assured of less damage to the fabric compared to barbed plastic pegs.

The galvanised steel means the pegs offer higher levels of rust prevention due to the ongoing exposure to moisture created outdoors. Our steel ground pins are just as easy to take out of the ground as they are to put in, with the bevelled ends offering extra support and anchorage.