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Rattan Garden Furniture UK

Gone are the days of basic wooden garden furniture. No longer are weathered, worn, rickety old benches spotted in the back gardens of millions of UK homeowners. They've been replaced. Enter rattan.

Whether you're looking for a rattan garden bench, a garden table, a rattan chair, outdoor sofas or just a protective cover for your pre-existing rattan garden furniture set, BillyOh's range of rattan garden products make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. We stock more rattan garden patio outdoor furniture than any other style here at BillyOh. Here's a lowdown on the main four types:

Rattan Dining Sets

Rattan garden dining sets are for what you'd probably guess they're for: dining. We stock a multitude of variations, but as standard, each set includes rattan chairs and a glass table around which the family can sit down to eat. They're chic, sophisticated and are one of our most popular products.

Rattan Sofa Sets

Rattan garden sofa sets are the preferred option of customers who aren't looking for a dining experience, but instead just somewhere to chill out in the summer. Many of the chairs included with our sofa sets are closer to the ground than the ones with dining sets, which are taller to allow for correct posture for eating and drinking. Our sofa sets vary from top-of-the-range, high-comfort sets with coffee tables in the centre to the more budget-friendly, aluminium-plated styles with two-to-four seats.

Rattan Cube Sets

Here at BillyOh, we stock a range of rattan cube sets and quality rattan cube garden furniture. A four or six-seater rattan cube set usually incorporates cube-shaped stools, garden chairs with cubed bottom halves, and a table in the centre. A rattan garden cube set is the ideal value-for-money option to pick up everything you need to host the family round for a lovely al-fresco summertime meal. Cube dining is both stylish and comfortable. Does wooden or metal garden furniture give you that?

Fire Pit Rattan Sets

Our fire pit rattan sets are some of our most famed products, due to their contemporary style and lavish appearance. The Capri set is one of our personal favourites, featuring a rattan corner sofa around a central fire pit enclosed in a pristine glass table box. Each of our fire pit sets is a proper symbol of luxury and provides both a beautiful focal point and warmth when the sun goes down.

The Perks Of A Rattan Dining Table and Dining Chairs

The perks of rattan furniture are endless. While extremely comfortable seating, it also looks fantastic and requires minimal maintenance, meaning you don't have to spend too much time looking after it. It's lightweight, meaning you can move it easily (even a rattan sofa shouldn't be too much of a task to transport) and easy to clean too - just a wipe down with a cloth should be enough to keep it good nick. All of these qualities combined make it the ideal material for patio furniture and garden seating.

A Wide Range Of Rattan Products In A Variety Of Colours

A beautifully modern alternative to wooden furniture, our rattan products come in a variety of styles, including patio sets, tables, garden sofas and bistro sets. We also offer a range of colours, with most products available in white, brown, light grey, dark grey, black and natural colourways. At BillyOh, we've got a rattan patio set to suit everyone's garden style and taste.

The Ideal Choice For Your Outdoor Space

The perfect addition to any garden, rattan garden furniture is the ideal accompaniment to summer sunshine. Who doesn't love basking in the rays in the backyard on a sunny day? With a full rattan furniture set, you'll also have an outdoor dining table on which you can offer food, drinks and other snacks and refreshments for all the family and more.

A versatile rattan garden furniture set can open a world of garden ideas for you and your home.

Versatile Pieces Of Furniture

Our rattan is made of versatile synthetic materials, meaning it's suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Despite its reputation as a garden component, rattan is just as good in the conservatory or the living room - meaning you can enjoy it all year round.

Rattan is a material, whereas wicker is a style of craftwork used to make furniture. The criss-cross pattern you usually encounter with rattan furniture is wicker, although rattan does not always have to be designed in this manner.

Traditional rattan is a material cut from vines in East Asia. The material we use, however, is a synthetic version designed to closely replicate the real thing, meaning it's super strong and of course, looks great.

It's best to store rattan garden furniture indoors when it's not in use to preserve it. Despite it being manufactured for outdoor use, rain isn't any furniture's best friend, so try and avoid it getting wet by using a cover if possible.

Rattan garden furniture could last for ten years or longer, as long as it is kept in good shape, looked after well and not neglected. Our rattan is UV-resistant, meaning it won't the suns rays shouldn't cause colour fading, and much of it is built on a rust-resistant aluminium frame.

A damp cloth and some soapy water will do the trick to remove any dirt or stains from your rattan furniture.