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Bulkhead Lights UK

For a strong light source that leaves nothing in the dark, choose from our popular selection of Bulkhead lights. Pick one from above or keep reading for more information.

Outdoor Lighting Products

When we have every type of light you could need in our extensive range of indoor and outdoor lights. Amongst these are our super-effective bulkhead lights, ideal for illuminating a large area in bright light. With the ability to have the switch installed inside, or even have the light-activated by motion sensors, our Bulkhead lights give you and your space safety and security even during the dark of night.

Bulkhead Lighting

A popular choice for the outside of commercial buildings, where security is a high priority, Bulkhead lights provide bright illumination over a wide area. Our range of bulkhead lights differ in their size and the power of their light - but they're all great value for money! Whether it's for personal or professional use, pick up a Bulkhead light from our range for safety and peace of mind.

Security Sensors

Bulkhead lights work great in conjunction with security sensors. These are great for outdoor spaces on commercial properties. Motion sensors detect the movement of intruders and activate the bulkhead light - spotting out and illuminating trespassers. This combination is ideal for securing a large property, even when you're not there!


We use the high-energy efficiency of LED lights to create Bulkhead models that are low in energy consumption. Our LED Bulkheads provide great illumination for hardly any electricity - what could be better than that?

Switch Placement and Design

Our outdoor lights work with a selection of switches. From push-button switches to dimming switches, all you need to do is select where you want the switch to be installed! These exterior models are perfect with indoor switches, allowing you to control the light without venturing outside.