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Heavy Duty Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

It almost goes without saying that you love your pets and want them to feel safe and secure when going on car journeys. However, you also have to take into consideration the potential damage their claws can accidentally create when getting in and out of the car, or when moving around. That’s why our durable PVC coated dog car cover offers the perfect long-term solution.

Not only will it keep the material protected from scratches, rips and tears, but the cover also provides an additional barrier against liquid, keeping the backseat clean and dry if any accidents occur. It comes in a stylish neutral black colour, so it will fit in seamlessly with the interior of any type of car without standing out.

Our cover is easy to install and as long as the instructions are followed correctly, it will remain in place for the full duration of the journey. You can quickly take it out to the let the seats underneath breath and when returning home fix the cover back into place so you never have to go without protection.

You also want your pets to feel comfortable as driving can make them feel anxious and this car cover offers a smooth, padded seat they can relax on. It means not only will your car remain in good condition, but your pet will also feel content. The small things in life can make a big difference and that definitely applies to this dog car cover.