BillyOh Louisiana Charcoal Oil Drum BBQ

The BillyOh Lousiana is a classic oil-drum barbecue for some truly southern-style charcoal cooking. Cook or smoke in quantity with the large drum, made from steel and powder-coated to withstand high temperatures and equipped with a large steel wire cooking rack and additional warming tray. An in-built thermometer and safe side venting ensure you’re always cooking to perfection. Four sturdy, reinforced legs provide a safe stand while you’re cooking.

Standing Barrel BBQ

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  • Large drum design, ideal for charcoal smoking
  • Chrome-plated steel cooking grill: 71.5x36cm
  • Additional upper warming rack: 73.5x15.5cm
  • Made from steel with black powder-coating
  • In-built front temperature gauge
  • Side venting with a safe open-close tab
  • Four steel feet with reinforcing cross-bar
  • Simple design: easy to assemble and easy to clean
  • Dimensions: (L)79cm x 71cm(W) x 90cm(H).
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)
BillyOh Louisiana Charcoal Oil Drum BBQ
Superior Quality
Superior Quality

Ensuring the BillyOh quality in every product.

Easy To Assemble
Easy To Assemble

Comprehensive instructions for quick construction.

Side Vent
Side Vent

Easily control the temperature levels while cooking.

Wide Opening Lid
Wide Opening Lid

Giving you great access to your barbeque while cooking.

BillyOh Louisiana Charcoal Oil Drum BBQ

BillyOh Louisiana Charcoal Oil Drum BBQ

Key Features

Heat Proof Coating

Coated with a black powder treatment, the Louisiana can endure high temperatures when cooking without the risk of warping.

Chrome Plated Grills

A chrome plated steel grill offers resistance to staining and makes cleaning a dream, reducing the chance of food sticking to the rack.

Temperature Gauge

The built-in thermometer allows you to accurately measure the internal temperature, giving you precision in your cooking.

Side Vent

Easily change the temperature and smoke levels under the hood using the handy side vent, allowing you more control over your flavours.

Sturdy Leg Construction

The 4 angled legs offer additional stability and a lightweight design, without the hassle of a bulky design.

Warming Rack

In addition to the cooking grill, the Louisiana includes a warming rack inside the hood, allowing you to cook for large groups of guests, or vary your cooking times.

Perfect BBQ Cooking

Perfect BBQ Cooking

The Louisiana features a precision temperature gauge, ensuring your meats are grilled to perfection every time. With a convenient side vent for effortless heat management, you can achieve that ideal smoky flavour with ease. Plus, maximise your grilling space with the additional warming rack, perfect for keeping sides warm while your main course reaches its peak deliciousness.
Modern Style

Modern Style

This BBQ boasts a distinctive oil drum design that blends retro charm with modern functionality. Supported by four sturdy angled legs, it offers stability on any terrain for reliable grilling sessions. Its heat proof black powder coating ensures durability and timeless elegance, making it a standout addition to any backyard.

More About the Louisiana Barrel Drum Smoker...

Traditional Charcoal Smoker

Experience this classic southern-style cooking method using this barrel smoker barbecue. When smoking, the smoke created by charcoal or wood chip fuel is what cooks the meat, with the barrel shape circulating the smoke around to ensure the food is cooked through and has a distinctive smoky flavour. Adjust or retain heat by using the side ventilation slats to let smoke out or keep it in.

Built for Big Cooking

A large total cooking area means there’s loads of room for cooking, with enough space for things like racks of ribs, roasting joints, briskets and more.  An additional upper warming rack is great for keeping cooked meats hot or warming up buns or side dishes while imbuing some of that smoky flavour. The steel racks are chrome-plated for heat resistance and are removable for cleaning.

Useful Features

Four legs with a reinforcing cross-bar keep the Lousiana barrel BBQ on strong and steady footing, so you can cook with peace of mind. An internal temperature thermometer is attached to the front of the lid so you can keep an eye on the heat, and the side ventilation is controllable through a safe tab.

Resilient Steel 

The drum and structure are made from hard-wearing steel with a black powder coating that allows it to withstand the high temperatures experienced during cooking. Steel is a durable but lightweight metal, which means the BBQ won’t be too heavy and is fully recyclable once its life comes to an end.

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our products.


You can adjust the heat by opening or closing the side vent on the barrel. This allows heat to escape and the inner temperature to cool or, when closed, keeps smoke and heat in meaning that the heat builds up quicker.
This drum BBQ is made from steel with a temperature-resistant black powder coating that allows the drum to withstand the heat of cooking, while also protecting it from rust and weather damage.
Yes - the lid of the BBQ is designed to be closed during cooking to create the smoking cooking effect. By closing the lid and trapping the smoke, it cooks the meat slowly and imbues it with that classic, smoky flavour.
This BBQ is suited to use charcoal as fuel as this will generate smoke. However, wood chips or other smoking fuel can be used.
Yes, the wire rack can be removed from the drum for cleaning - we recommend using hot, soapy water.
The Lousiana has an upper warming rack that sits above the main cooking area. This can be used for food that you’ve finished cooking, or for bread or side dishes you want to warm up.
The main cooking rack is large, with a total area of 71.5x36cm.
Drum or oil barrel smokers work by cooking the meat in the smoke let off by the charcoal or wood chips. While they can use direct heat to cook the food, the barrel design is well-suited to circulating the smoke through the barrel.