Mad Dash Childrens Meerkat Skid Sledge

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  • Available in Blue or Red
  • Unique Design
  • Robust Construction
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Meerkat Sledge Red
Meerkat Sledge Blue
Meerkat Sledge- 1 Blue 1 Red
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    Only £10.00

    Mad Dash Childrens Meerkat Skid Sledge

    Sledging in the Snow!

    The Mad Dash Swordfish Sledge is one of the best ways to enjoy snow-filled days. These fantastic red and blue plastic sledges have been designed to be strong and durable so they can withstand use from excitable children as well as cope with harsh weather conditions they may be used in.

    Two Sledges for Double the Fun

    These toy will provide hours of fun for children in winter and they can even pull each other along the grass in summer! In this set you receive one red and one blue sledge so siblings or friends can enjoy the fun of sledding together!

    Unique Meerkat Design

    These fun sledges from Mad Dash, have been created in a unique meerkat design which is guaranteed to capture your children’s imagination and enhance their playing experience outdoors! The design stands out from ordinary sledges and has a novel quality.

    Why buy this product?

    • Available in 2 Colours
    • Made from Blow Moulded Plastic
    • Don't Miss out on the Snow!
    Dimensions Red Blue 1 Blue & 1 Red
    Width 32cm 32cm
    Depth 53cm 53cm
    Assembled Dimensions 53cm x 0cm x 32cm 53cm x 0cm x 32cm 53cm x 0cm x 32cm
    Materials Red Blue 1 Blue & 1 Red
    Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
    Features Red Blue 1 Blue & 1 Red
    Colour Red Blue
    Suitable Age Range: 3yrs+ 3yrs+ 3yrs+
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    Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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