3 Burner


  • 3 x stainless steel burners and 1 x side burner with lid
  • Convenient side table, warming rack and cabinet for added storage
  • Temperature gauge on hood
  • 2 caster wheels for portability
  • Adjust the flame of each burner individually
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why buy the Matrix 3 Burner BBQ?


Ensuring BillyOh quality in every BBQ.

Easy To</br>Assemble
Easy To

Comprehensive instructions for quick construction.


Individual ignition for all cooking preferences.


Easily keep cooked food warm while grilling.

What is it made from?

Removable Grease Cup

Make cleaning your BBQ easier with a removable grease cup and be ready for the next sunny day.


Quickly and easily keep an eye on the cooking temperature on your barbeque with the external thermometer.

Storage Space

With a side tray on top and extra storage below, you can keep utensils nearby while still keeping organised.

Stainless Steel Burners

The steel burners have electronic ignition with individual control, allowing you to cater to a range of preferences.

Easy to manouvre

Wheels make gas barbecues easy to move around the garden and patio. Or, store your portable bbq away over the cold months.

Side Burner

The side burner allows you to keep cooking on your barbecue grill while food is under the lid, keeping everything hot and in one place.

And much more...

  • 3 Individual burners
  • Side shelf
  • Cabinet storage
  • Portable
  • Side burner
  • Thermometer
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • Easy assembly

Fire Up the Grill

BillyOh Matrix Gas BBQ

If you're looking for a gas barbecue with huge storage space underneath and great cooking capabilities, then look no further. From our wide range of numerous barbecues, the Matrix 3-burner really sticks out with its attractive price tag and pair of wheels for extra portability.

Get ready for those summer days with the BillyOh Matrix 3 burner gas BBQ.

With stainless steel gas bbq burners and a side burner, you can get fired up on the grill and keep your cooking hot. With electronic ignition, gas burner, and grill, this BBQ is perfect for outdoor cooking.

Plus, a large workspace and bottom cabinet offer extra storage for you to keep your utensils neat and tidy. Just wheel your portable bbq grill out onto the patio or into the garden and get the grill going.

With a built-in thermometer and electric ignition, your BBQ is easy to get fired up and going whilst allowing you to keep an eye on cooking temperatures. The gas grill also features a handy grease cup to keep BBQs clean and simple - ready for that next sunny day.

Stainless steel bbq burners make this gas barbeque durable and easy to maintain. The Matrix 3 Burner BBQ also comes in a sleek black design to compliment your garden or patio.

Small and easy enough to manoeuvre outdoors or into storage, this is the perfect portable bbq for the summer months and beyond.

Thermometer & Cooking Temperature

With an external thermometer to maintain optimal temperature, you can keep track of cooking temperatures no matter what you put on the grill. Whether it's fish or meat, you can adjust your Matrix 3-burner to your cooking preferences with easy-to-adjust heat controls and electric ignition.

Cooking Area

With stainless steel burners and a side burner to keep food warm, the Matrix offers a medium-to-large cooking surface. Cook your food to perfection on the main grill and keep cooked food warm without burning it on the side burner. It's as simple as that!

Gas Burner Barbecue vs Charcoal

A charcoal barbecue may offer a more "classic" smokey flavour than a gas barbecue grill, but the associated set-up and cleanup time may not interest you. Instead, with the Matrix's additional side burner, you won't even have to worry about food taking too long or going cold. This 3 burner gas barbecue is just what you need for your next outdoor feast.

Regulator, Hose, Gas Bottle

With lots of storage space in the storage cabinet underneath you could even store your BBQ's hose and regulator when not in use. For the Matrix use fuel type - gas (namely, propane). Simply hook up the gas hose on this outdoor barbecue to your propane tank. And remember, with all BBQs (even larger models) be sure to use a barbecue cover when not in use (free with the Matrix 3-burner!)


What's more, the BillyOh Matrix comes with fast and free mainland delivery to most of the UK. With storage space, an integrated thermometer, and portable wheels, all for just £249 this is economy outdoor grilling at its finest! Just get in touch or enter your delivery postcode to check today.

Dimensions 3 Burner
Assembled Dimensions 98cm x 104cm x 55cm
Features 3 Burner
No. of Burners 3
Side Burner? Yes
Side Shelves 1x Fixed Metal & 1x Side Burner
Cover Included? Yes
BBQ Finish Black
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our products.


The hooks on the side of the Matrix 3-burner are ideal for hanging cleaning utensils like teatowels or, alternatively, BBQ cooking utensils.

Gas BBQs may be more expensive on average but:

  • Fuel costs tend to be cheaper in the long run
  • They're easier and quicker to set-up and clean down
  • They can get cooking quicker and for longer with less checking on
  • They tend to have larger cooking areas

A BBQ from BillyOh comes with our high standards of quality that we measure all our products by. You'll also receive fast and free delivery to most of mainland UK as well as a free regulator and cover.

When using a BBQ (or anything BBQ in general), be sure not to:

  • Use it indoors, including in tents and gazebos
  • Place it near combustible materials
  • Allow children around a BBQ unsupervised
  • Position your propane tank underneath the grill (rather, put it off to the side)
  • Smoke whilst operating the gas
  • Position a BBQ on unlevel ground or a slope
  • Move the BBQ whilst it is alight
  • Leave the regulator in the 'On' position whilst the BBQ is not in use