Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

The BillyOh Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven is the perfect pizza oven for your home. With the ability to work will all types of fuel, whether that's charcoal, firewood or pellets, this matte-finished pizza oven is versatile, easy to use, and can cook a pizza in just minutes!

With an in-built thermometer and helpful safety features, this oven will provide an effortless cooking experience and leave you both impressed - and full of pizza!

Outdoor Pizza Oven - Multi use Fuel

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Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why buy the Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Premium Quality
Premium Quality

Constructed using high-quality cast iron with a matte finish for an attractive and robust Pizza Oven

Built-In Thermometer
Built-In Thermometer

Includes an in-built thermometer which is easily accessible for convenient use during and after cooking

Multi-Fuel Design
Multi-Fuel Design

This pizza oven is designed to use multiple types of fuel including firewood, pellets, and charcoal

Key Features

Fully Portable

The lightweight design of this pizza oven makes it completely portable

Quick Cooking Times

The high heat of this multi-fuel pizza oven means that cooking is a breeze. With temperatures up to 350°C, you can cook a whole pizza in less than two minutes.

Fully Portable

The small size and lightweight nature of this pizza oven means it's easy to carry around and transport. Take it inside, outside, or even out with you on trips!

Unlimited Cooking Options

It's not just pizza that you can cook in this multi-fuel oven. Sear, roast, and cook just about anything you can think of using the versatile oven chamber.

Multiple Fuel Types

You can use a variety of wood-based fuels in this pizza oven, including regular firewood, charcoal, and fuel pellets. Change fuels based on your cooking needs and budget.

Useful Chimney

You won't have to worry about smoke with this Pizza Oven either, with its dedicated chimney that will keep your cooking area fresh and clean even when cooking at high temperatures.

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More About the Multi Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven...

Long gone are the days when you could only BBQ delicious food for your guests on a hot summer’s day. With this wonderful Outdoor Pizza Oven, you can cook up classic homemade pizzas for everyone to enjoy. But the fun doesn’t just end there - you can also roast joints of meat, cook up fresh bread or sear a range of tasty vegetables too!

With the high heat of this portable outdoor oven, you can reach cooking temperatures that normal ovens can't handle! This amazing multi fuel pizza oven will make a great addition to your garden and whether you are entertaining a large party, providing for your children’s friends or just taking a night off from cooking, it will never let you down. For delicious pizzas and high temperature cooking in your garden, choose our great outdoor-ready Multi Fuel Pizza Oven.

Portable pizza oven

With dimensions of 70 x 42 x 54cm and a weight of 14kg, this is perfect for gardens of almost any size. Place it on your patio and your spring and summer seasons are guaranteed to be filled with a host of amazing home-cooked delights. And with such a lightweight design taking it in, out, or around your house won't be an issue.


The versatility of this Outdoor Pizza Oven means you can enjoy authentic outdoor cooking in the luxury of your own home. Cleaning is straightforward, with the outside only requiring a wipe down to keep it in good shape. This is an investment that will last for years to come, adding hours of priceless fun and entertainment.

Choice of fuel options

This Outdoor Pizza Oven can use a range of fuel materials, from wood to charcoal and wood pellets. The unit is able to reach a temperature of between 280°C- 350°C in as little as 15 minutes. This variability with fuel options can help you save money and choose a fuel type that suits your cooking and budget. Leave gas burners behind with this wood-fired pizza oven!

How to cook with your pizza oven

For best results ensure you use enough charcoal or wood when lighting and leave the door and chimney closed. Keep adding fuel every 15 to 30 minutes to maintain the flame and temperature. It takes just 90-120 seconds to cook an authentic large 13” pizza, so no matter how hungry you are you won’t be left waiting long.

Great additions

The multi fuel outdoor pizza oven also comes with some very handy additions including a built-in thermometer and useful wooden handles that let you work with the pizza oven even when the heat is high.

BillyOh Quality

As with all products in our wide range, you can expect nothing but the best from the wood-fired oven. Make homemade pizza with a tasty, crispy base using this versatile and portable pizza oven. And if that's not good enough, then how does free delivery sound? Order through BillyOh and you can get free delivery on order to the mainland UK.