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For anyone searching for a detector with a more advanced range, the Semi Professional Metal detector with LCD display should peak your interest. With a search sensitivity of 23cm in depth, you can search for coins, precious metals, jewellery and a range of other items until your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge the detector will always find what you need.

It comes with an 22cm waterproof searching coil for use underwater and in wet conditions, giving you greater flexibility of use right throughout the year. There are three different tones to help identify different metal types - high, medium and low – making it a lot easier to stop and conduct a search if you come across something of interest.

Use the GND trace to find the metal target of your choice with more accuracy and less hassle, while the colour LCD display will tell you the probable types of metal that are being detected. Just as importantly, it will also be able to give an indication of how far the target is buried, so you can make an assessment on whether you want to retrieve or move on.

The Semi Pro Metal detector with LCD display features a low battery indicator so you are not caught short (it requires 8 x AA batteries) and comes with a standard 3.5 external headphones jack. The S shaft is fully adjustable and the comfortable arm support allows you to use the detector for long periods without experiencing strain or fatigue.