BillyOh Tennessee Portable Trolley Gas BBQ

The BillyOh Tennessee BBQ is the ultimate on-the-go cooking companion. Whether you fancy a camping trip cookout or just want a speedy garden set up, the Tennessee has you covered with a foldable and versatile design.

Its folding legs make the BBQ ideal for sitting on tabletops, and when the trolley is standing, you can treat it like a classic static barbecue, but with portability! With folding side tables that you can use for preparation or resting utensils on, the Tennessee has all the advantages of a large immobile BBQ, but with the flexibility that comes with being portable.

BBQ with Trolley - Black

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  • Portable Single Burner Stainless Steel BBQ
  • Collapsible legs for adjustable cooking height and tabletop use
  • Trolley included for portability
  • Choice of gas fuels (butane or propane)
  • In-built thermometer
  • Compact for storing and transportation
  • Folding side shelves for preparation
  • Quick and easy to assemble
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why buy the BillyOh Tennessee BBQ?

Easy To</br> Assemble
Easy To

Comprehensive instructions for quick and easy construction

Portable</br> Design

Foldable steel legs and rolling trolley make transportation simple

Superior</br> Quality

With a strong and sturdy stainless steel construction

Single</br> Burner

Quick and easy to use, connect your choice of gas and get grilling

Key Features

Sturdy Construction

The stainless steel body of the BBQ is powder-coated to make it incredibly durable and give it a timeless appearance. You can simply secure your trolley in the standing position with the provided metal hook, increasing stability.

Built-In Thermometer

Quickly and easily keep an eye on the temperature of your barbeque - even when the hood's down. The built-in thermometer means that you can ensure your food is at the right temperature, preventing cooking disasters.

Fold Away Legs & Shelves

Set up your BBQ in a way that works best for you. Fold away the legs to use it as a tabletop grill and choose whether you want to have the side tables in place for your utensils or tucked away.

BillyOh Tennessee Portable Trolley Gas BBQ
Easy to Manoeuvre

Transporting a BBQ has never been so convenient. Collapsing down to form a suitcase shape that can be moved with ease on wheels makes taking your Tennessee barbecue from A to B a breeze.

Choice of Gas

The Tennessee has a single valve that works for both butane and propane gas to suit you. Use butane for a cheaper fuel option or propane for a better heat output to keep your grill performing well during colder weather.

Single Burner

The single fuel valve and burner allow you to heat food evenly and efficiently across the grill cooking area. It makes BBQing more enjoyable by simplifying the cooking process.

Frequently Asked Questions


The BillyOh Tenneessee offers superior quality in an easy-to-assemble and portable BBQ. Perfect for grilling on the go, taking away on holiday, or for households with fewer demands on their grill, this BillyOh BBQ is sure to do the job - and all at an unbeatable price!

This BillyOh BBQ can be used with either butane or propane. We recommend butane for cooking efficiency in warmer weather and propane for grilling in the colder months.

Yes, you are legally entitled to have a BBQ grill in your backyard as long as you adhere to basic fire safety precautions. You may also want to inform neighbours if smoke may be wafting over into their gardens! 

Exceptions may apply where you live in an apartment block with a communal garden. 

This BBQ can be quickly assembled with some basic tools like a screwdriver. We recommend at least two adults assemble this BBQ.

Yes, you can continue to cook with the hood down. When first lighting your gas BBQ, you should leave the lid up until the burners are fully ignited. If you choose to cook with the lid down, make sure to use the thermometer to make sure the BBQ is not overheating or burning the food.

Make sure your BBQ is in a good condition with no gas leaks or perforations to the hose. Check the gas pipes and connectors for any sign of wear and tear, and make sure there's no leak or strong gas smell. Carry out these checks every time you use the grill.

Also, make sure to use the right gas and adapter. Check your model for more info on whether propane or butane is preferred.

Here at BillyOh, we have a huge range of extremely high-quality products which includes both our charcoal and gas BBQ ranges.

Although a charcoal BBQ may offer authentic flavour, it is certainly a lot more intense form of cooking. So, if you don't feel like extended set-up and take-down times, or constantly checking on your food, then a gas BBQ might be for you.

More about the Tennessee Portable BBQ...

This BillyOh Tennessee BBQ with a trolley is the perfect addition to any garden party, outdoor meal or camping trip. Prepare food on the folding shelves and collapse them when they're not in use. Thanks to its fold-down feature, the Tennessee never takes up more space than it needs to, from a generous sized single burner BBQ into a convenient suitcase shape for transportation.

The Tennessee is the perfect on the go cooking tool, whether you're camping, grilling on a tabletop out in the garden, or having a barbeque outside your caravan. The stainless steel body is durable with a sleek powder-coated finish, and the thermometer and gas fuel options mean you're in complete control of the cooking temperature of your barbeque.

Gas BBQs vs Charcoal BBQs vs Disposable BBQs

Unlike a charcoal barbecue, a portable gas grill offers ample grilling space with minimum set-up and take-down time. When finished, simply clean with soapy water with no need to worry about ash disposal. It's a simple and effective way of outdoor cooking.

The Tennessee has plenty of cooking space on the grill and saves on storage space in comparison to a traditional charcoal model. So for family feasts on holidays on something that's more sturdy and reaches higher heat levels than a gas stove, think of the BIllyOh Tennessee.

Take your portable gas barbecue on any road trip - it's more economical and environmentally friendly than disposable barbecues, and you can have delicious barbecue wherever you go with direct cooking. So have a beach BBQ, a camping bbq, or even just a picnic with the BillyOh Tennessee.

Portable Barbecue Grill

This BillyOh BBQ's design makes it a portable grill with the elegance of a larger, static BBQ, thanks to its powder-coated finish. Simply utilise the foldable design feature to take this grill with you wherever you go for the ultimate portable cooking experience.

Picnics and Camping Party Grill

The Tennessee BBQ makes for the perfect camping grill, party grill, or even just tabletop grill. Simply find a flat surface and set up your portable gas barbecue or wheel it to the next spot - it's that easy!

In-Built Thermometer

Manage your cooking temperature with the in-built thermometer on the lid of your Tennessee BBQ, giving the inside a consistent temperature that you can keep tabs on.


This BBQ is compatible with propane gas or butane gas cylinders in terms of fuel source. So, you can alternate between them depending on if you want a lower cost option or higher heat fuel, giving you ultimate flexibility when grilling.


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Dimensions BBQ with Trolley - Black
Assembled Dimensions 48cm x 104cm x 46cm
Width 104cm
Depth 46cm
Height 48cm
Cooking Area 47.6cm x 36.7cm
Folded dimensions 29.6cm x 67.9cm x 46cm
Burner Output 4.4kW
Maximum Temperature 350°C
Fuel Type Propane or LPG gas cylinders 11-15kg
Gas Pressure 37 mbar
Features BBQ with Trolley - Black
No. of Burners 1
Side Burner? No
Side Shelves 2x Folding S/Steel
Cover Included? Yes
BBQ Finish Black
Barbecue Style Portable
Fuel Gas
Heat Indicator Yes
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.