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Hose Pipes


With a wide variety of hose pipes and options on the market, shop for cheaper hoses that don't skimp on quality here at BillyOh.

Flexible Expanding Garden Hose Pipe

Flexible Expanding Garden Hose Pipe

from £7
*Subject to delivery postcode

Hose Pipes UK

Expandable Hoses

Our expandable hoses and flexible hose pipes feature solid brass hose connectors to attach to your water supply. With an outer layer made of high-strength polyester, this casing for our garden hoses offers bad weather and frost protection whilst being tangle-free.


Flexi Hose Technology

A flexi hose is just one of the range of garden hoses available today. If you have size limitations with your current model, then upgrade cheaply to make the most of a variety of lengths - up to three time its original length! Fix to a pressure sprayer or pressure washer, or simply use the 8 function spray gun that's included.

Great Prices and Free Delivery

Perfect for lawn care, watering, and even attaching to pressure washers, our weatherproof flexible tubing is up to any job. With a quality expandable hose, gardening and a whole variety of lawn maintenance tasks just got a whole lot easier!