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Garden Kneelers

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Folding Garden Kneeler with Tool Set

Folding Garden Kneeler with Tool Set

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Protect Your Knees

Whether you suffer from knee pain or not, it's no surprise that the constant movement of gardening low-to-the-ground can cause sore knees! So invest in adequate knee protection that'll save you money and discomfort down the line. One of our neatest garden maintenance tools is our kneeler. Easily hand a garden tool belt and reposition it as you move around your garden.

Great Garden Gear and Designs

Keep garden gloves and other small gardening tools like the included fork, shovel, and small rake safe and accessible inside the hanging pouch.

An Alternative To Knee Pads (Or Use Both!)

Just one of the many types of "garden kneelers", our foldable kneeler and tool set can be used in a similar manner to kneeler seats and kneeler mats. Extra kneeler pads may be required if spending any time on your bare knees, however.

Pick Up a Garden Kneeler

With garden hand tools close to hand, folding capabilities and a lightweight design - our kneelers are a truly versatile and cheap solution to an age-old problem. Find everything you would in a good garden shop on BillyOh online store.

Load Up With Seeds and Garden Tools

And, if working on flower beds, keep packets of seeds close by without either losing them in the undergrowth or having to ferry them back and forth from your greenhouse.


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