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Waterproof Car Cover with Anti-UV and Frost Protection

During the winter months you will want to protect your car from the lower temperatures and our waterproof car cover with anti-UV and frost protection gets the job done perfectly. It’s designed for use with vehicles no larger than 482 x 177 x 119 cm and comes with an elasticated front and back to ensure a snug fit right across the full dimensions of the car.

Made from a lightweight material, it is easy to stretch across the car to ensure it receives the protection you need during the cold nights and days. It offers waterproof cover against the rain and snow, along with ongoing anti-UV protection to shield the vehicle from the sun’s rays. Not only that, but any dust, debris, dirt, pollutants, bird droppings (which can be acidic) and frost is kept away from the body and engine.

Our car cover also comes with reflective warning bands that can be positioned on mirrors and corner of the car. This keeps it safe in the dark and helps to prevent collisions or accidents taking place and makes it straightforward for parking after nightfall.

While you may purchase the cover for the winter, it can also be used all year round to protect the car. Any vehicle is a large investment that needs to be protected to ensure longevity. Not everyone has a garage on their property which is why this cover adds so much value and keeps your car in great condition for far longer.