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BBQ Regulators

A BBQ regulator is an essential part to any barbecue. The regulator itself is the fitting, hose and regulator that helps carry the propane gas from the tank to your bbq grill.

But how are you meant to know when it is time to replace the gas regulators? In most cases, you may realise that it takes longer to cook your food. For instance last weekend it may take you ten minutes, whereas this weekend it has taken you fifteen. Additionally, you may begin to notice that even when turned up high, your barbecue may omit low heat, and this heat is gradually reducing each time you use your gas stove. Or, your gas grills may heat up unevenly when turned on.

Gas Regulators for BBQ

A propane regulator is essential for bbq safety. The purpose a lp gas regulator is to safely control the flow of gas, whilst simultaneously lowering the pressure, from the tank to the gas grills. However, it is essential to maintain the regulator when it is not being used. Most importantly, ensure the connector is kept clean, especially if disconnected from the bbq gas heater for a long period of time. An unmaintained regulator has the potential of causing gas fires. This is as they may start leaking when they begin to deteriorate with age. Therefore, we recommend replacing the hose and bbq regulators as often as once every five years.