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Biard LED Stainless Steel Wall Light with Front Slat Effect

It almost goes without saying that you want your home to be unique and reflect you as a person and that comes down to the smallest of details. Take, for example, our LED wall lamp. This unique-looking light feature is a stylish take on a classic design that gives your home the chance to bask in its strong glow while enjoying its exciting aesthetic.

The slat effect filters the light to produce three evenly spaced blocks that illuminate any part of the home. Place it in the hallway to add a touch of ambience, install it in the bedroom for a more relaxing tone, or position it in the living to really make a talking point. As it is also IP44 rated, the feature is protected from dust and water, meaning it can find use in the bathroom and kitchen if preferred.

The stainless steel wall light features integrated LED lighting to create a stronger glow than you would enjoy with conventional bulbs. It also requires less maintenance so the satisfying glow will remain vibrantly strong for a much longer period of time without the need to replace or change the bulb.

You won’t have to worry about installation either, as the process is very straightforward, even if you are not experienced with DIY. The LED wall lamp is made to be versatile, blending in with almost any type of décor and will soon become one of the standout lights you have installed in your home.