Durable Shed Great for Large Gardens

Durable Shed Great for Large Gardens

The WoodBridge shed is the ultimate plastic storage solution for your storage needs. If you have a spacious garden, the 10’ wide design is great for storing gardening tools, equipment, garden furniture and more.

It’s a great low maintenance shed as the vinyl building won’t rot, rust or mildew like metal or wooden sheds can. The plastic design also means it needn’t ever need painting. If you are looking for a large shed which will look after itself, the WoodBridge is a great choice!

Sturdy and Solid Structure

The wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure that gives the shed strength and allows you to hang shelves or garden tools. This unit has a height of 6’, so you can easily walk around in it and it can make ideal use as an outdoor hobby room. The WoodBridge is wind tested up to 115 mph, so is well-equipped for harsh weather conditions.

Vinyl plastic is not only weather durable and long-lasting, but is also fire retardant, so you can be rest assured garden items are safely stored away. Plastic is a modern shed material which offer great durability and storage space for years to come.

Sturdy and Solid Structure
Wide Double Doors and Integrated Skylight

Wide Double Doors and Integrated Skylight

As you would expect from a larger storage unit, this walk-in shed features tall and wide double doors which offer great accessibility to the building, as well as maneuvering bulky items, like garden furniture, inside. This fantastic vinyl shed features an integrated skylight which supplies natural light into the building, while maintaining a secure building that keeps storage goods safely out of sight.

Foundation Kit Included

This excellent plastic shed also comes complete with a steel foundation kit as standard. This provides a solid base, which offers extra strength for the base of the garden building. If you are looking for a maintenance-free garden storage, the WoodBridge is a perfect choice!

Foundation Kit Included
Dimensions 8x6 10x8
Width 239.7cm 318.7cm
Depth 162.8cm 239.7cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 158.5cm 183cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 185.5cm 217cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 154cm x 157cm 154cm x 181.5cm
Door Height 157cm 181.5cm
Door Width 154cm 154cm
Width (Internal) 234.3cm 313.3cm
Depth (Internal) 155.3cm 234.3cm
Features 8x6 10x8
Roof Style Apex Apex
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.