BillyOh Yardmate Plastic Shed with Vinyl Floor

Available 2 sizes: 5x3 & 5x5, Optional Window Kit - 2 sizes

5' Wide
5x5 £549
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3' Wide
5x3 £319
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    Only £319

    BillyOh Yardmate Plastic Shed with Vinyl Floor

    Why buy this product?

    • Wide Double doors and Integrated Skylight
    • Solid Structure and 6.5’ Tall Design
    • Vinyl Floor Included as standard
    • Maintenance free storage solution
    Great Storage for Small Gardens

    Great Storage for Small Gardens

    The 5x3 YardMate is a plastic shed which is excellent for smaller gardens or patios. If you need garden storage which will look after itself, this maintenance free shed provides great protection from the weather and a perfect storage solution for your garden.

    Keep gardening tools and equipment safely hidden in one place. YardMate has wide double doors for great accessibility and a skylight window offers natural light into the shed while maintaining a secure build.

    Solid Structure and Tall Design

    YardMate is constructed using weather durable vinyl which is a great material for garden buildings. A plastic shed makes a great alternative to wooden or metal sheds as it won’t rot, rust or mildew and you are provided with a solid unit to place all your gardening items.

    This shed has a solid steel frame and wall columns are reinforced with solid metal, allowing for a sturdy structure you can hang shelves or tools from. The 6.5’ height of the shed is easy to walk into and you can place tall items within the garden building, easily.

    Solid Structure and Tall Design
    Wide double Doors and Integrated Skylight

    Wide double Doors and Integrated Skylight

    A great feature of this shed is the wide double doors which offers important access to the YardMate. This is a shed which is practical and space saving, so you can reap the benefits of garden storage even in the smallest of gardens.

    The skylight window is included with this shed as a way of offering natural light into the building. A benefit of having a skylight rather than windows on the side of the building, is that your shed is provided with extra security and keeps items safely out of sight.

    Vinyl Floor Included

    The YardMate includes a solid, reinforced vinyl floor that eliminates the need for building a foundation. This is a handy feature makes the assembly of your shed as easy as possible. The shed only takes 1 to 2 hours assembly from start to finish, perfect for those looking for a low maintenance storage solution.

    Vinyl Floor Included
    Dimensions 5x3 5x5
    Width 170.7cm 170.7cm
    Depth 94cm 173cm
    Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 183cm 183cm
    Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 198.5cm 198.5cm
    Door Opening Size (w x h) 134cm x 177.6cm 134cm x 177.6cm
    Width (Internal) 155.7cm 155.7cm
    Depth (Internal) 76.7cm 155.7cm
    Door Height 177.6cm 177.6cm
    Door Width 134cm 134cm
    Features 5x3 5x5
    Shed Type Storage Shed, Storage Box, Small Shed Storage Shed, Storage Box, Small Shed
    Roof Style Apex Apex
    Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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