Using a lamp in your child’s bedroom can help them unwind after a busy day, giving them a chance to relax and get ready for a good night’s rest. Our Black Metal Desk Lamp changes the tone in the room with the flick of a switch, setting a more mellow mood so no matter their age your kids will love the new atmosphere it can offer.

Available in sleek black the bedside lamp can blend in easily with any kind of existing décor, which makes the purchase even easier. Combined with the great value price this makes for a must-have addition for your son or daughter’s bedroom. Whether placed on a bedside table or desk, the on/off switch located on the wire is easy to reach and use and control the light.

You can use our Black Metal Table Lamp as a reading light or for younger kids to read a story before lights out. Finding the right angle is made easy with adjustable flexi beck so the light can be set in the perfect direction in the room. It’s also ready-made for multi-use and can be easily unplugged and moved to a new spot in a matter of seconds.

The stable base ensures good protection while in use so it does not topple over at the slightest of touches. Our Black Metal Lamp requires an E27 bulb (not included) that slots into place without any fuss. If your child wants to draw, read, write or enjoy their favourite hobby this desk lamp can be right by their side keep them happy and safe.