Classic Lockable Steel Mail Box with 2 Keys

When you purchase this Classic Steel Mailbox you not only ensure your postal items are kept safe and sound for as long as you need, but you also get a well-designed and robust item that easily slots into place. It arrives with clear instructions, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to put into correctly into place.

All of the required fittings come with the mailbox and it only needs a small amount of your time to install. Place either inside or outside of a flat or apartment, depending on how much security you need and the best position to suit your regular routine. There is ample room inside, so there is no danger of it becoming too full to receive any more post.

This Steel Mailbox is perfect if you spend long days away from home at work, or regularly travel abroad for professional or personal reasons.The postman can just slot in the brochure, magazine or letter and they remain safely in place. The galvanised steel is tough and durable, so there is no danger of it being broken or damaged easily.

The weather resistance is also an important feature for this Classic Steel Mailbox. The British weather can be nutritiously unpredictable, and the strong design keeps items safe from wind and rain and anything else that might cause issues. Not only will it improve the security of your post, but it’s a cost effective purchase that will give you years in return.