BillyOh Daily Apex Plastic Shed - Vinyl Clad Plastic Shed with floor
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Overall Dimensions (4 x 6)

  • (A) Width: 1.17m (3ft10)
  • (B) Depth: 1.73m (5ft8)
  • (C) Height: 1.90m (6ft3)
  • Vinyl is fire retardant (unlike other plastics)
  • Molded Flooring Included
  • All Weather Durable, Long Lasting, and Maintenance Free Vinyl
  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Interior Structure Support
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4 x 6
6 x 6
Order Summary:
    Only £369.00

    BillyOh Daily Apex Plastic Shed - Vinyl Clad Plastic Shed with floor

    Unstable build? Weak resistance against heat? Lack of visual appeal? Name other disapproving qualities that homeowners look down about plastic building material. Now take a look at this BillyOh Daily Apex Plastic Shed - Vinyl Clad Plastic Shed with Floor – and be amazed at the new face when it comes to plastic storage sheds. This product settles every shed enthusiast’s fear of the underrated material.

    Firm Support

    The BillyOh Daily Apex Plastic Shed is structured with the reliable steel framework. Known for its stabilising function, steel supports that are galvanised add strength to major building structures, much more on plastic. This allows the lightweight garden storage to withstand the pressure against external elements like strong winds and the internal strain brought about by heavy materials stored in it.

    Better Heat Resistance

    The BillyOh Daily Apex Plastic Shed is constructed using vinyl cladding. Did you know: Vinyl-coated products are made of thermoplastic polymer? It means they are naturally fire-retardant and durable, that, should a vinyl coated building catches fire, flame spreads at a low rate. Sun damage also becomes a no-issue as the coat protects the structure from UV, which causes heavy deformation on plastic products.

    Practicality Meets Style

    With an inherent toughness and low-maintenance needs, this plastic shed makes a great option for homeowners looking for a fairly easy to use storage. No treatments required, no rust or rot to stress about. Along its usability, the BillyOh Daily Apex Plastic Shed is designed to the times, complete with integrated windows, lockable front door, and molded flooring.

    Why buy this product?

    • Made from hardwearing and maintenance-free vinyl
    • Window integration
    • Better resistance to heat
    • Secure lockable front door
    Dimensions 4 x 6 6 x 6
    Width 117.4cm 187cm
    Depth 173cm 187.5cm
    Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 190cm 213cm
    Door Opening Size (w x h) 61cm x 157cm 154cm x 178cm
    Features 4 x 6 6 x 6
    Shed Type Storage Shed, Shed with Windows Storage Shed, Shed with Windows
    Roof Style Apex Apex
    Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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