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Aluminium Garden Furniture UK

Low maintenance

Being metal, powder-coated aluminium needs much less attention and care when it comes to maintenance than wooden garden furniture. Its unique features and qualities make it second-to-none for many people when they're choosing what they want their outdoor sofa or garden table to be made out of, and what they want it to look like.

A Range Of Benefits

Aluminium is fantastic for loads of reasons, but two of our favourites are its resistance to rust and that it's lightweight. The former makes our aluminium furniture ideal for people who don't want to have to bother with much maintenance, like they would have to with wooden furniture, by treating it every year.

With metal outdoor furniture, it's no major worry if you decide to leave it in your garden during the winter months, as its resilient nature means it should be as good as new and ready to go as soon as the summer months come back around.

The fact that it isn't too heavy is the other major benefit, for the obvious fact that it makes it super easy to transport and relocate in your garden, or to carry indoors to put away if you choose to do so when it's not in use.

Its smooth finish (as opposed to the rough surface of wrought iron garden furniture, for example) makes it super easy to remove dirt, with the help of just a clean cloth and soapy water.

And with padded cushions included on all of our current range of cast aluminium products, comfortable dining is an absolute guarantee.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Aluminium garden furniture sets can be the difference between a good garden and a great one. With free delivery* on all of our products, we'll get yours to you for no extra cost and usually within the space of a few weeks. An outdoor living space, enhanced by a furniture or dining set, can help you in ways you wouldn't have even imagined, including getting more fresh air, exercise, sunshine and giving you an excuse to be more sociable at the same time.

Outdoor Dining At A Competitive Price

The affordable price of BillyOh outdoor garden furniture is part of the reason we're so popular. Make hosting family events and enjoying the peak of the British summertime a breeze with any of our modern metal garden furniture products.

Garden Sofas, Coffee Tables and More

Our range of cast aluminium garden furniture knows no bounds. We stock all sorts of products, most of which are included in the dining sets we sell all year round, including tables, chairs and the odd garden bench.

Just wipe down every so often with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, debris or bird poo stains that you might find.

Yes, we'd say it is, due to its sleek appearance and its lightweight design.

Our metal products are made from rust-resistant aluminium, so you don't have to worry about the weather wearing them down.

Aluminium is a great conductor of heat, so like most metals, aluminium products can get hot during sunny weather.

Many of our aluminium products, however, are clad with wood and cushions cover the metal framework of the seats and the back. This will protect you from the heat.

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