Rattan Cube Furniture Sets

If you're looking for modern garden furniture to complement your garden, we have a range of cube sets in contemporary styles for you to choose from. Bringing luxury to your outdoor space, our rattan cube sets are made from high-quality materials which are durable and long-lasting.

Our outdoor furniture sets also come with seat and back cushions for ultimate comfort when dining outdoors. Enjoy family meals al fresco with the addition of a stylish cube set for your garden, made from sleek and durable rattan weave materials. Shop our range of rattan cube sets and experience our premium garden furniture.

BillyOh Modica 10 Seater Cube Rattan Dining Set

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Are these rattan garden sets weather-resistant?

All of these rattan furniture pieces are weather-resistant and perfect for the outdoors. Rattan flat weave is naturally weather-resistant and these pieces are all reinforced with a powder-coated steel structure. This will give them excellent durability indoors or out for years of use.

Are these pieces Easy to Clean?

This durable flat weave rattan is smooth and easy to wipe off to remove dust, pollen or other grime. With a durable, quality powdered steel frame, it's even strong enough to be hosed off to remove heavy grime build up.

Can these pieces be easily stored when not in use?

All of these have a compact design for maximum storage capability. They can easily be compacted for off-season storage, transport, and for any other long period without use.

Are these pieces easy to move?

Definitely! Each piece is made out of lightweight materials including flat weave rattan. This is one of the lightest furniture materials on the market. And each piece has been designed for easy transport.

How do I know if this is truly good quality?

Real quality rattan is made from a high-quality synthetic weave designed to resist the humid environment the UK can throw at it. It also uses real powder-coated steel durable enough to withstand regular use and humidity alike without rusting. 

Another way to tell the quality is if it's ready to use with minimal assembly and only takes the buyer minutes to assemble. These pieces are all ready to use with minimal assembly and use only high-quality materials designed to last for season after season of regular use.

Will these rattan garden sets require any special maintenance?

Not at all. Unlike many garden sets, rattan furniture is intended to be essentially maintenance-free. You won't need to paint it or apply anything to prevent discoloration, unlike regular outdoor furniture. You can leave rattan furniture outside all year long and simply wipe any dust or grime off with a damp cloth.

How is flat weave rattan different from other options such as half round weave, full rod weave, or mixed weave?

Flat Weave is the most popular and commonly used variety of rattan used in outdoor furniture. This is a durable and lightweight weaving method that's perfect for regular use.

In contrast, half-round and full rod weaves are heavier patterns that can be more durable, but this comes at the cost of significantly greater weight. Generally, this is inconvenient for outdoor furniture sets. 

With mixed weaves, it generally mixes half-round and full rod weaves to create a unique look. However, this can result in a wide range of weights and durability. Due to its predictable lightweight and durable nature flat weave is typically the preferred option over these other options.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor furniture to become your dream garden set? Then look no further, as BillyOh offers a wide range of rattan cube garden sets available in various styles and colours. Our patio furniture will place the finishing touches on your garden.

Protective Covers

Our patio sets are made from the finest-quality synthetic rattan finish. The rattan patio cube design looks stylish and contemporary, which enhances the look of any garden or outdoor patio. Plus, with UV-resistant accessible flat-weave construction, and long-lasting and high-quality seat cushions these sets are bound to last you a long time.

Glass Table

In addition, our rattan cube sets come with a tempered glass-topped table, which will make your cube set easy to clean and maintain. The optional parasol cantilever & base will keep you relaxed and fresh against the blazing summer sun, and an optional PE cover to withstand all weather.

At BillyOh, our range of rattan garden furniture is keeping up with the latest garden trends. And a rattan cube rattan dining set is the height of fashion and ease. Perfect for a garden party, these garden ready and easy-to-assemble rattan dining sets are made from durable materials that are resistant to colour fading.

So if you're looking for outdoor rattan patio furniture that's big on quality at an affordable price, check out our BillyOh garden furniture sets.


Get your rattan cube furniture with fast and free delivery to mainland UK. Pick up a contemporary style for your garden today. Simply order online or get in touch with our fantastic customer service team.