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Wooden Dining Sets UK

At BillyOh, we offer a wide selection of wooden garden furniture sets to suit every garden. A wooden garden furniture set usually consists of a wooden garden table and garden chairs, in a mixture of heights, sizes, styles, formations and variations.

There are dozens of reasons why you might want a wooden garden furniture set from BillyOh. Whether it's an evening wind-down with a well-earned glass of wine or a morning coffee, the rustic charm of a BillyOh wooden furniture set will provide you with the perfect location to do so.

Maybe you like the heat of the suns rays on your face during summer and are eager to experience the joys of outdoor dining more often. Or maybe, when you've got family or friends round to visit, you need a place to gather for some evening garden entertainment, be it tucking into some toasted marshmallows, playing cards or just chatting the night away.

Cheap Wooden Garden Furniture

Is your backyard your pride and joy? Your dream garden doesn't have to cost a fortune. Our collection of garden furniture, while still robust and long-lasting, is some of the least expensive on the market. If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, you're in the right place.

Make It Your Own

One major benefit of wooden furniture as opposed to metal garden furniture and rattan garden furniture is the fact that you can paint it. This potential customisation option is a big factor in many people's decision to opt for a classic wooden dining table or bistro set as opposed to what might be regarded as a more contemporary, modern variation.

Crafted from all-natural wood sourced from the acacia and eucalyptus trees found in the Far East, our wooden outdoor furniture is smooth to the touch and characterised by beautiful organic grooves and patterns, something that metal and rattan furniture cannot provide.

Garden Furniture For Small Spaces

Our wide range of wooden dining sets and garden seating spans from the small to the large and beyond in a range of sizes.

For families and homeowners whose gardens might not be big enough to fit anything of substantial size in, we stock two-seater and three-seater sets. Also perfect for couples or new homeowners who don't have a lot of cash to spend but still want to enjoy food al-fresco, our smaller options are our cheapest, while still being of the supreme quality we pride ourselves on.

Wooden Tables and Wooden Benches

If you're looking for individuals items of furniture, such as a wooden table or a garden bench, you're probably in the wrong place. Try checking out our wooden garden furniture page instead for those items that don't come in a set!

Wooden Garden Furniture Clearance

If you're really looking to make savings, we've got a range of garden furniture in our clearance section. It's great wooden furniture at a cheaper price that doesn't sacrifice on quality!

Cleaning wooden garden furniture is a breeze. Just use a brush to remove any stones, debris or, and then grab a sponge, soak it in some soapy water and get scrubbing!

Like with any wooden garden products we sell, especially those that are kept outside all year round, we recommend treating them with wood preservative every year to prevent rot, decay and insect infestation. Other than that, you could invest in a furniture cover to protect it from rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions.

We sell paint, stain, preserver and other treatments at BillyOh so you don't have to venture anywhere else on your shopping journey to find what you need. For a smooth finish, it's a good idea to clean your wooden furniture first (see the steps above), or the paint might end up setting on a lump or ridge that you won't be able to remove without ruining the work you've just done.


Dry it and sand it down with some sandpaper. This will serve to help the paint stick to the abrasive surface better and also can help remove any old paint, or stains saturated into the surface of the wood, before you get to work.


Fill in any knots or holes with caulk and leave that to set. Then prime the wood with a suitable primer to help the paint stick even further.


Now you're finally ready to paint! With a soft brush apply one to two coats, or as many as necessary until satisfied with the end result leaving each to dry in between for a day or so. Make sure there's no rain forecast or your hard work will be undone.

Yep! You heard right. At BillyOh we offer free delivery to most mainland UK postcodes.