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Globel Apex Metal Shed

The Globel Apex fronted premium metal garden shed is manufactured from high tensile, hot-dipped galvanised steel. This product is the final result of two years of development into light-clad metal sheds to produce a superior apex shed. Weather and rust-resistant by design and available in a range of sizes.

Size measured in feet

2. Customise

Just Bearers - Pre-cut pressure treated timbers that are designed to lock out ground moisture and still allow the air to circulate underneath your shed.

Eze Base - Solid stable pressure treated base to your shed and can even fill it in with concrete. This base ensures your garden building has a rigid, level base.

EcoBase Fastfit Full Base - A foundation grid system used as a base for garden buildings. Quick and easy to assemble

Metal Foundation Grid

This metal foundation kit is a self-assembled framework formed with metal battens. Concrete is typically used for flooring the battens to make a concrete base. Once built, you can either fill it with concrete or add a wooden floor to sit on top of the metal frame. To limit condensation, a damp-proof membrane (plastic sheet material) should be placed before installing your shed/base.

Timber Base

A pressure-impregnated floor kit consists of pre-cut boards and battens assembled with the fixings supplied and offers a durable base to install your shed on. To limit condensation, a damp-proof membrane (plastic sheet material) should be placed before installing your shed/base.

3. Add optional extras

Discover our range of BillyOh accessories that allow you to customise your very own garden building to very last detail.

Do you need high quality padlocks, paint, silicone and assembly kits?

Optional Extras:
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  • High grade 0.3mm steel and paint finish
  • Ventilated gables- Standard buildings have the tallest wall height available
  • Frame and base rails made from heavy gauge galvanised steel
  • Sturdy door assembly and glide & track layout
  • Stable and well-balanced door opening
  • Apex Roof
  • Range of Sizes and Colours
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 1.71m (5ft7)
  • (B) Depth: 1.44m (4ft9)
  • (C) Eaves: 1.8m (5ft11)
  • (D) Ridge: 1.78m (5ft10)

Why buy the Globel Apex Metal Shed?

Easy </br> to Assemble
to Assemble

User-friendly informative instruction manual.

Superior </br> Quality

Manufacturers 15 year warranty.

Low </br> Maintenance

No annual treatments or maintenance required.

Extra </br>  Head-Height

Crouch free design, giving you the ultimate space.

Frequently Asked Questions


Metal sheds constitute a great option if you desire to convert your shed into a workshop or merely use it for garden storage. There are a number of advantages that can be solely attributed to metal sheds:

They provide superb security - Metal sheds can provide extra protection against thieves, due to featuring reinforced hinges which assist in preventing forced entry. Similarly, the doors and walls offer thick, steel panels which cannot be easily broken into.

Maintenance-free - The amount of time spent on maintaining a metal shed is almost non-existent. Courtesy of galvanised steel, the metal is protected from the elements, preventing the formation of rust.

Very affordable - Metal sheds represent a cheaper option than the wooden alternative. So, if space is most important to you, then a metal shed offers a sizable garden storage option that won’t break the bank.

If the building is shorter than 2.5m tall at the eaves you should not require planning permission (unless it takes up more than 50% of your garden or to be put in your front garden). Planning permission rules can vary by area, so we strongly recommend checking your local council rules before ordering from us.

We suggested that all garden buildings be constructed on suitable bases and flat, level ground. While a base isn’t needed to prevent rotting or rust over time in a metal shed, good foundations can prevent your shed from sinking into the ground. Moreover, if your lawn isn’t level, building a shed of any material on top of it can lead to major issues concerning structural integrity in the future - something which a base can comfortably tackle. This building includes a foundation kit to provide a solid base for your shed and increase its structural stability.

Your order can be tracked through the account section on our website or by contacting us directly. You will be contacted after your order by our helpful care team to arrange delivery of your building.

More about the Globel apex metal shed...

Apex Roof Metal Shed

We've got metal storage solutions in loads of sizes. And this Globel lightweight metal garden shed is a reasonably priced, minimal maintenance storage solution. It gives you easy double door access to your belongings while keeping them secure and dry throughout the year.

Galvanised Steel Sheds

Creating the particular high tensile galvanised steel that's the primary material type for this metal building took two years of research and development. But it paid off! The thick 0.3mm steel panels and heavy gauge base rails are what make this heavy-duty metal shed so strong. Galvanised steel panels mean you can protect and store gardening equipment with peace of mind.

Practical Storage Solution

This metal garden shed is generously sized, with plenty of storage space for your garden equipment, lawn mower, and any other larger items that need a home. Keep your garden clean with the choice of size that best suits your space. You can opt for a garden storage solution for bits and bobs or for larger garden equipment.

Apex Metal Shed

An apex roof is perfect for this steel shed as it gives extra height to the structure in the centre, so you don't have to crouch. The overhangs of an apex roof metal shed also mean that they're more effective at draining water from the shed. The sloped roof pushes water away from the base and provides adequate runoff.

Weather Resistant

The durable metal the shed is built from is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The British weather can be extreme. So, using weatherproof steel that can cope with the wide range of forecasts means that your shed won't become weather-beaten.

Non-Combustible Storage Shed

Some places, like caravan parks, require that sheds be non-combustible. The galvanised steel material means that this shed is non-combustible, allowing you to enjoy this shed in even more locations.

Secure Storage

This Globel shed is an exceptionally secure metal storage unit because it's windowless. This means that prying eyes can't peer and see the contents of the shed, making your garden tools and equipment safe. You can store valuable items inside the shelter without the need for concern.

If you want extra reassurance to the security of your belongings, the sliding doors have small holes in the handles where a heavy-duty lock can be added.

Concrete Base

If you have an existing concrete or slab base with a damp proof membrane, you won't need to use a foundation kit. We don't offer an installation service on this product simply because of the ease of installation. The Globel apex has been designed with assembly in mind - simply follow the instruction and erect onto a level base.

Air Circulation

There are twin air vents located on the front and rear of this metal storage shed. They allow air to move in and out of the building naturally, preventing overheating.

Heritage Green or Anthracite Grey

With a classic anthracite grey finish or heritage green metal, it's the ideal choice if you want a cheap metal shed that's still high-quality and aesthetically pleasing.


Just one of the advantages of metal sheds is that they're virtually maintenance free. Suitable to withstand harsh weather elements and incredibly sturdy, they won't require regular treatment like wooden sheds.


Get quick delivery times for free to most of mainland UK! Available on Globel metal sheds and our selection of metal sheds, simply checkout to see if you're eligible. Or get in touch with our customer service team today.

Dimensions 6x3 6x4 6x5 8x3 6x6 8x6 8x5 6x8 10x6 8x8 10x7 10x8 10x10 10x12
Width 184cm 184cm 184cm 245cm 171cm 245cm 245cm 171cm 295cm 234cm 307cm 295cm 295cm 295cm
Depth 92cm 123cm 154cm 92cm 175cm 185cm 154cm 237cm 175cm 237cm 216cm 237cm 299cm 361cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 179.5cm 179.5cm 179.5cm 179.5cm 193cm 179.5cm 179.5cm 178cm 202cm 193cm 179.5cm 202cm 202cm 202cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 193.5cm 193.5cm 193.5cm 198cm 178cm 198cm 198cm 193.5cm 178cm 178cm 202.5cm 178cm 178cm 178cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 170cm x 63cm 170cm x 63cm 170cm x 63.5cm 170cm x 105cm 198cm x 245cm 170cm x 105cm 170cm x 63cm 170cm x 105cm 170cm x 105cm
Door Height 170cm 170cm 170cm 170cm 172cm 170cm 170cm 170cm 170cm
Door Width 63cm 63cm 63.5cm 105cm 105cm 105cm 63cm 105cm 105cm
Base Width 171cm 171cm 172cm 234cm 234cm 234cm 171cm 295cm 295cm
Base Depth 82cm 113cm 144cm 82cm 175cm 144cm 237cm 175cm 206cm
Height 193cm 193cm 193cm 198cm 198cm 198cm 193cm 202cm 202cm
Features 6x3 6x4 6x5 8x3 6x6 8x6 8x5 6x8 10x6 8x8 10x7 10x8 10x10 10x12
Weight g g 52 g g g g g g
Material Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
Roof Style Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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