Ceiling Lights

Can't find the perfect light for your ceiling? Whether you're searching for something more personal and intimate, or a light that is effective above all else, we have lights of all kinds and styles in the BillyOh range. For an effective and affordable ceiling light, take a look at the BillyOh range below!

Wicker Rattan Basket Pendant Light

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Ceiling Lights UK

For Ceiling Lighting of all kinds at a range of affordable prices, BillyOh is the place to best. For more information on our indoor lighting, keep reading.

Indoor Lighting

We stock all types of ceiling lights so you can light your room or office space in the way you want. Whether you're seeking clinical lighting, in the form of bright panel lights, or more decorative lights that have a bit of style and personality to them, you'll find what you're looking for within our range.

Choose Your Bulb and Preferred Colours

So that you can add a bit of personality to your lighting, some of our lights allow you to replace the bulb. Add individual style to your lighting design by changing up the colour and bulb type!

An Array of Light Fittings

Whether you're after lights for bedrooms, or living room light ideas, we have a great range of light fittings that can fit any and all interior designs! From rustic to minimalist designs, you can find a lamp or bulb that fits your taste.

Ceiling Lights

Our ceiling light collection puts you in control of how your design your room. Decide if you want a downlight that gives you intense light, or a more intimate design for kitchen ceiling lights. We have light styles that fit both professional and cosy environments.


For a model that emits a singular source of light, and does a good job at it, take a look at our spotlight models. Our spotlights provide bright light throughout any room from just one light source. For a light that provides the best brightness with the highest efficiency, a spotlight is the way to go.

For The Dining Room, Living Room and More

We have indoor lights for all types of rooms in our collection. From mood lighting to relax you, to intimate lighting that complements a cosy dining table, our indoor lights can help you cultivate a mood for every room in your house!

Easy Fitting

When you buy a light fitting, we know that the worst feeling is finding that you've not got the right bulb! That's why we make our lights easy-fitting to standard bulb sizes and include the bulb type in the technical specification of our products. Say goodbye to having the wrong bulb for the job!

Warm White Or LED Ceiling Lights

Modern LED ceiling lights are energy-efficient and effective - so it's no wonder that we stock them! We offer varying styles of LED lights to suit the space you're installing them, meaning you can select the colour and feel of your lighting.

Decorative Lighting

For softer mood lighting, our ambient lighting will easily do the trick. These lights have a more decorative design to fit in with the mood and tone of the light itself. We know you care about interior design, so we do too!