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For indoor lamps in all kinds of styles and types, check out our amazing BillyOh lamp range. From modern lamps in contemporary designs to more traditional lighting styles, and even therapeutic lights, we have a lamp that suits you. So don't delay - check out our range below for lighting that ticks all your boxes!

Black Curved LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Phone Charger

Black Curved LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Phone Charger


Black LED Folding Desk Lamp


Black Metal & Wood Desk Lamp


Contrast Rattan Table Lamp


LED Therapy SAD Daylight Lamp


Round Woven Rattan Pendant Lamp

from £13.98
White Desk Lamp with Wireless & USB Phone Charger

White Desk Lamp with Wireless & USB Phone Charger

£13 £19 SAVE UP TO £6

Wicker Rattan Basket Pendant Light

from £10.17
*Subject to delivery postcode

Lamps UK

Our lighting range will brighten up your world! From every lamp type you can imagine to lights for your bedside table, and even ceiling lights, we've got everything you're looking for and more! For more information keep reading, or check out our products above.

Desk Lamps

We have a wide range of desk lamps available, with a range of styles and light types to suit your needs and requirements. Many of our desk lamps are adjustable and some even come with fancy features!

So whether it's a lamp for a more professional environment or a lamp that will make your room feel cosy and warm, you'll find this and much much more within the BillyOh range.

Table lamps & Floor Lamps

A table lamp differs from a desk lamp simply because it gives you extra light for your whole room. Perfect for large dining tables and sideboards, these lamps are great at making your room feel cosy. The same goes for our collection of floor lamps, which are guaranteed to add extra personality to any room.

And for a bedside lamp that you can use as a bit of mood lighting or simply to read with before bed, we have a model that fits your requirements.

Indoor Lighting Styles

We know that you need indoor lights that fit your home and with the decorations you already have. Making a house a home is all about decorating it in your style. So to help you do that, we have indoor lamps of all styles - from modern designs to lighting with a minimalist design and even rustic rattan lampshades, and everything in between.

Choose Your Light Colour and Intensity

You can create lighting that can adapt and change with your mood with our BillyOh lamps. All our models can fit smart light bulbs, and some even have light level controls, so you can adapt your lights and change the level of brightness to fit the situation and weather.

Designs for Energy Efficiency

Our lamps are designed to be energy efficient - so you don't have to worry about the energy bills, and focus instead on making full use of the lights you have available.

Warm White Lamp

Warm white light is the staple of lighting in a house - so you'll be glad to hear we've got loads to choose from! Warm lights are perfect for creating effective ambient lighting throughout the day, so you feel comfortable in the day and cosy in the evening.

LED Desk Lamps

We also have a number of LED desk lamps available. A bright LED lamp is a great replacement for natural light, ideal if you struggle to get sunlight in a room. For other products that emulate direct light, check out our therapeutic SAD light which emulates daylight to help your wellbeing.