12V Jump Starter & Air Compressor

During the cold winter months the engine to your vehicle is susceptible to freezing over and there’s nothing worse than having the start to your day delayed. Our 12V jump starter and air compressor is compact in design so it can be stored in the boot and remain on-hand should you become stuck in an emergency you least expected.

It also features a built-in 2.5W LED light, allowing you to use it at night without endangering yourself in the dark. The composite case comes with moulded rubber protection to keep the unit protected at all times, along with cable storage and a carry handle to make transportation easy and straightforward.

The 12V battery booster also comes with two USB ports (5V/2A) that can be used for charging up smartphones and other connectable devices. The air compressor is on-hand to pump up flat tyres and is adaptable enough to be put to use around the home to put air into footballs, rugby balls and inflatable toys. This is the sort of reliable and durable piece of equipment every vehicle owner needs, ensuring you are never left stranded and can keep on the move 24/7.