BillyOh Studi Insulated Garden Room
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BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse with Side Store
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BillyOh Traditional Log Cabin Workshop
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BillyOh Winchester Log Cabin
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Log Cabins UK

We've got a huge range of log cabins in stock at BillyOh. There's pretty much one to suit every garden space. From pre-insulated log cabins to traditional log cabins to corner log cabins, you can be sure that you'll find your ideal style of cabin with us.

The heavy duty structure of our log cabins mean they're suitable for year-round use. Whether you're planning to use yours as an outdoor home office or you just need some extra storage, you'll be ready come winter or summer with any of our BillyOh Log Cabins.

Log Cabin Garden Office

The possibilities are endless for BillyOh Log Cabins. A log cabin garden office is what many people are saying is the future, and here at BillyOh we've provided thousands of people with a perfect place to work from home during the pandemic. Eliminate commuting expenses with a garden log cabin and you'll benefit in the long run.

Log Cabin Home Gym

Alternatively, a log cabin home gym is becoming the future for many people who are, rightly, looking for any way to save some extra money in this cash-strapped time! Cut out travelling too far for work or play with any of our outdoor buildings at BillyOh!

Log Cabin Sheds

If you're looking for a place to store your garden equipment but want a more premium option than your typical overlap-style building, many of our traditional-style log cabins double up as garden sheds. Ideal for if you just need some additional space, our log cabin storage sheds are some of our cheapest buildings.

The BillyOh Pro Apex and the BillyOh Pent Log Cabin Heavy Duty shed, two of our most popular options, are the perfect space to store lawn mowers, barbecues or garden furniture when not in use. Opt for one of our cabins with double doors for easy transportation of items in and out.

Insulated Log Cabins

If you know you're going to be in there 365 days a year, why not opt for one of our insulated log cabins? The BillyOh Outpost is our premium insulated building and benefits from a classical design with improved insulation thanks to double-glazed windows and EcoQuilt technology.

Pressure treatment

We offer pressure treatment on most of our log homes. Pressure treatment involves treating each individual log cabin panel with liquid preservative, which is soaked into the panels in a pressurised tank so that it penetrates deep into the wood. This type of wood treatment offers effective long-term protection against rot and insect infestation, and means you don't have to worry about treating the building yourself every year.

Log Cabin Playhouses

And it's not just the adults who can enjoy the many benefits of BillyOh log cabins. A few years ago we introduced our first log cabin playhouses into our catalogue, and they've proved immensely popular in that time. Log cabin playhouses offer a host of features that our standard playhouses don't, such as the option of window shutters and flower boxes, multiple storeys and a classy, modern look. Treat your little one to their dream garden den with a log cabin playhouse from us - perfect for naptime and sleepovers!

Log Cabin Construction

Our log cabins are constructed with tongue and groove panels which are crafted using the finest quality European softwood. This strong, sturdy and interlocking design makes for strong, water-resistant and durable garden buildings. Our log cabin panels are significantly thicker than panels on our standard garden buildings, giving each cabin extra protection from harsh weather.

Plenty of choice

Stuck for choice? We'll try and help. Need a lot of light? Our best-selling BillyOh Carmen has two floor to ceiling windows and double doors with loads of room for light to enter.

Got a big family and need a larger building? Our personal favourite, the BillyOh Dorset, is available in a whopping 5mx4m with heaps of floor space if you need it.

Fancy some alfresco dining? Our Cove and Porto styles both feature a porch under a stylish roof overhang to shade you from the sun. Just looking for storage? Our cheapest windowless log cabins start at the affordable price of £948.

Need some extra space in your garden? A modern log cabin from BillyOh is the perfect solution. We've apex roofs and flat roofs, square log cabins and corner log cabins, single glazing and double glazing options - your satisfaction is our priority.

No, you should be fine in most situations. There are certain circumstances in which you might need to seek approval from your local council to build your log cabin, such as if you're planning to live in it. Other than that, as long as your building isn't more than one storey and 2.5m tall at the eaves and 4m tall at the top of the apex (3m if it's a pent building), and it isn't closer than 2m to your house and it isn't in your front garden, you should be okay. Check out this detailed article for more information on building regulations if you're unsure.

We offer a ten year guarantee against rot and decay. More information can be found on the terms and conditions on our website.

Log cabin maintenance need not be an expensive, nor time-consuming job. If you haven't opted for pressure treatment on your cabin, you should treat it with a wood preservative to protect it from insect infestation and rot within a month of delivery and then annually after that.

If you're planning to actually live in it, you might need to seek planning permission from your local council as it will be counted as an extension to your living quarters. But even if you're just visiting, our log cabins for the most part are designed to keep heat in throughout summer and winter. We'd recommend our 44mm for optimum warmth if you're planning to host a Christmas party in there.

We offer a pre-insulated building, the BillyOh Outpost, if you want to ensure a toasty atmosphere indoors. There's also this guide on how to insulate your building yourself, if you fancy trying your hand at some DIY.

When treated correctly, our log cabins could last for two decades if not more.