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Outdoor Living

At BillyOh, we’re advocates for making full use of your garden. We believe that you should be as comfortable outside as you are inside, and our range of outdoor living products is designed to help you with just that!

Whether it’s a patio heater or a fire pit to keep you cosy when the sun goes down, a table to complement your garden furniture, or a hammock to sit back and relax in, we have everything you need to make your outdoor space as comfortable as you’ve always dreamt it could be!

So for the best in outdoor living products, take a look at our extensive range or keep scrolling for more information.

BillyOh Respiro Round Inflatable Hot Tub with Jets 2-4 People

BillyOh Hexagonal Pop Up Gazebo (2x2x2m)

BillyOh Hexagonal Pop Up Gazebo (2x2x2m)

from £125 £139 SAVE UP TO £14
BillyOh Alberta Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Patio Heater

BillyOh Alberta Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Patio Heater

£69.47 £84 SAVE UP TO £14.53

BillyOh Aurora 2-in-1 Free Standing/Wall-Mounted Electric Patio Heater


BillyOh Medora Free Standing Electric Patio Heater

£118.75 £129 SAVE UP TO £10.25
BillyOh Bluebell 48” Fir Wooden Planter

BillyOh Bluebell 48” Fir Wooden Planter

£75 £131 SAVE UP TO £56
BillyOh Heather 60” Fir Wooden Planter

BillyOh Heather 60” Fir Wooden Planter

£135 £186 SAVE UP TO £51
BillyOh Flora Pair of Fir Wooden Planter Boxes with Lattice Trellis

BillyOh Flora Pair of Fir Wooden Planter Boxes with Lattice Trellis

£90 £197 SAVE UP TO £107
3 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, & Ice Cooler

3 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, & Ice Cooler

£145 £209 SAVE UP TO £64
4 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Cooler, & Round Ceramic Table

4 in 1 Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Ice Cooler, & Round Ceramic Table

£130 £197 SAVE UP TO £67
Shade Sail

Shade Sail

from £8.50 £14 SAVE UP TO £5.50
30" Tile Firepit Table

30" Tile Firepit Table

£120 £263 SAVE UP TO £143
*Subject to delivery postcode

Outdoor Living UK

Fire pits and outdoor heating

When the night draws to a close and the sun dips below the horizon, sometimes it can get a little cold outside. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!

With our range of outdoor fire pits, patio heaters, and chimeneas, you don’t have to rush indoors when the cold draws in. Prolong your garden parties and late-night chats by buying an outdoor heater or portable fire pit to suit your taste and your garden.

If you’re looking for something simple but effective, then our standalone fire pits will do the trick. There’s something magical about sitting and relaxing around a fire at night, drawing warmth from the flames. Our Steel Fire Baskets and Gas Fire Pits, perfect for a modern-styled garden, will keep a steady and safe fire going as long as you need it to.

For something more stylish, take a look at our Chimeneas. These fancy heaters adopt the style of a traditional chimney, making them perfect for a more traditionally-styled garden. These outdoor fireplaces have an opening for you to watch and tend the fire but protect you from smoke by funnelling it up and out through a chimney.

If you want something flame-free, why not choose one of our Electric Patio Heaters? No smoke, no fire, and no fuel required, simply plug it in and start heating your patio - it's as easy as that!

So, whether you want a bespoke fire pit or a classic chimenea, BillyOh is the place to go.

All-In-One Tables

If you’re looking for a fire pit and a new piece of outdoor furniture, then why not take a look at some of our amazing all-in-one tables? These unique pieces of garden furniture combine a table with a versatile bowl that can be used as an ice bucket, a fire pit, or even a grill to cook food on!

Perfect for a barbecue, our all-in-one tables and bowls can take your outdoor living space to the next level. Take advantage of their amazing versatility by using it as an ice cooler for drinks, then when they’re all gone - empty it out, pop in coals, and start cooking! Even when you're not hosting a garden party, you can use the all-in-one as a coffee table.

We have a variety of different models to choose from, including ceramic all-in-one tables, metal all-in-ones, as well as standalone multi-function bowls. Just pick the one that suits you!

Garden Shades

When the sun gets a little too much, a little piece of cooling shade is the best place to retreat to. Going indoors is always an option, but what if you had your own patch of shade outdoors? If that sounds like heaven on earth, then you’ll love our garden shade products!

Our sunshade sails can give you that piece of shade that completes your garden. Our sunshades are relocatable, meaning you can place the shade down in a spot that suits you - even if your ideal spot changes daily! Set out a chair and table under your sunshade and you can relax without having to worry about sunburn, sunstroke, or just getting too hot.

Relaxing Hammocks and Loungers

When it comes to relaxing in your garden, nothing quite beats a BillyOh NightJar.

Stop travelling all the way to your local pub or bar - simply walk into your garden instead! Our garden bar design is stylish and spacious, with an L-shaped design to accommodate 3-4 people at any one time. The wood effect looks great as it comes, but can be very easily decorated to suit its surroundings.

And, when it comes to seating, we’ve got you covered. Choose between our ash grey Polywood Outdoor Bar Stools or our Hardwood Sherford Classic bar stool. Both go great with the NightJar Bar. Plus, you can check out our more products range for all the necessary accessories for home garden bars.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

An Inflatable Hot Tub gives you all the benefits of a spa visit without needing to visit a spa or install a permanent pool! With sizes that can accommodate up to six people at once, our Respiro Inflatable Hot Tubs can transform your garden into a hub of relaxation!

With 92 hot air jets, a digital control panel, a filtration system, and a hot tub cover - it's also easy and stress-free to maintain and amazing to use in the summer and the winter.

Use it to unwind after a long day at work, or with friends and family for laughs and fun!

Secure Aluminium Gates

If you’re looking to keep your garden safe and secure, then our range of aluminium gates can help you do just that. Whether you need gates for the entrance of your garden or for your driveway, we have a range of decorative and privacy gates designed to keep you and your property safe.

Outdoor Extras

On top of all these great products, we also offer a number of Garden Accessories and Extras to make your garden space one of a kind. From garden ornaments to chairs, we have key pieces that can give your garden that extra little bit of personality.

For more garden products, such as Outdoor Lighting and outdoor accessories, check out our other website categories here on the BillyOh website.

Remember, for the best in garden wares and products, go BillyOh.