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Garden & Patio Heaters

It’s such a great delight to spend time out on our patios when the evening weather is warm and is just right to stay outdoors. But, do we stop enjoying outdoor moments with friends and family when nights become chilly and the cold breeze starts to set off?

Make cold summer nights a thing of the past with our wide selection of first-class electric heaters, fire pits and chimeneas! You’ll surely experience a metaphoric human hug giving you warmth during those evening barbecues or unplanned garden parties.

These quality patio heaters are portable and easy to use, making outdoor dining, socialising, and simply enjoying time outdoors a lot more comfortable. Our range of designs come in electric types or fire pits and chimeneas. Electric patio heaters are available in wall-mounted, parasol, hanging lamp, tabletop, and searchlight designs.

Shop now and create the perfect outdoor temperature with our BillyOh’s array of high-quality patio heaters!

Our Range of Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are a popular way of keeping people warm whilst spending time on their outdoor spaces. Whether this is whilst having a BBQ, watching the stars, or simply having a garden catch up with friends and family, a patio heater can be the perfect solution to staying outside longer without having to worry about wearing a ridiculous number of layers.

It will give you the warmth you need no matter how you long you want an outdoor gathering to extend through the night. Instead of rushing into the living room, it will let you and your guests enjoy late-night moments in the patio while remaining cosy and comfortable.

If you are currently on the lookout for some portable and easy-to-use or traditional and vintage heaters, here are the types you can choose from:


Firepits are a traditional type of heating system that’s great for the outdoor. Our range of firepit designs includes fire baskets, fireplaces, and the ones that double as a grill. You can use charcoal for the latter while logs are ideal for the rest of these firepit heaters.

Aside from requiring no electricity, a lot of our firepit designs are naturally rusted, creating a classic look perfect for any garden or patio. Some also feature vintage shapes, iron bowls and contemporary perforated designs that come in small to large sizes.

Firepit heaters can easily become a wonderful focal point for any outside area while warming up the place — you can also cook your favourite BBQ dishes in our 2-in-1 grill designs!


Chimineas are our most classic patio heaters. They can immediately attract your guests’ attention with their superb design, mostly made of clay with hand-painted patterns.

Perfect as a practical and special patio centrepiece, a chimenea’s flames will surely burnish the evening light while everyone appreciates its warmth.

Electric Heaters

Electric patio heaters are BillyOh’s most modern offerings for families who love spending time outdoors. These portable heaters are available in wall-mounted, parasol, hanging lamp, tabletop, and searchlight designs.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys being sat outside to savour the great outdoors even when the weather gets a little bit colder, electric heaters can easily add warmth to your outdoor space. They are available in contemporary designs which can complement the look of your garden patio in an instant.

Our wall-mounted electric heaters are made to be environment-friendly, while parasol, hanging lamps, and tabletop designs feature infrared elements that heat the body instead of the surrounding air for better efficiency.

While most of our electric heaters have two heat settings, our vintage lamp searchlight heater comes with a clear halogen lamp that has three heat settings. All of these designs are cost-effective and safe despite their portability.


Choose among our wide selection of garden patio heating systems to achieve the outdoor warmth you need on any occasion! Our patio heaters’ prices range from €49 to €169 and come in small, medium and large designs.

Shop now and never hesitate to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors again! You can take advantage of our free delivery perk too!