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Wooden Planters

Garden planters act as an amazing garden container and a great alternative to beds or plant pots. And, with the traditional design offered by our wooden planters, you can create a beautiful garden display with any of our range of products.

Plant in Your Space Today!

Unlike garden plant pots, our planters allow you to plant at varying heights and without the worry of disrupting the root networks of established plants. If you want to add another level to your floral display, whether it's with seasonal plants or even artificial plants - planters are the way to go. Wooden garden planters also make it easier to transplant larger plants.

Quality Materials

Our decorative planters are made from excellent quality wooden building materials like fir to offer longevity at a competitive price. Unlike, for example, a concrete planter - our movable planters are designed to give you the option to redesign your garden if you decide to. Lastly, a wooden garden planter is a lovely natural canvas that blends in with the plants adorning it.

Your Choice of Product Size

Here at BillyOh, our range of planters also includes a range of sizes. From 48" to 72" sized planters, you can find the ideal solution no matter what your requirements. Plus, a single planter is a lot less hassle than a number of outdoor plant pots and may even work out cheaper in the long run!

The Best Garden Planters for Sale

At BillyOh, we want to help create beautiful green spaces with our customers. That's why we pride ourselves on offering quality at a competitive price so that you can find the perfect choice for your needs. Plus, we offer fast and free UK delivery to most of the mainland on our wooden planters. Just checkout to check the eligibility of your area!

Despite the fact that they're built for outdoor use - planters can take a bit of a beating over the years due to inclement weather. So, to combat dampness, rot, and decay - you may want to protect your planter before filling it. You can do this with the use of either plastic or fibre planter lining to protect from fungi growth. You can also treat the wood with a preservative.

To plant:

  • Prepare the plant itself by removing it from its plastic pot - Either by working your fingers around the inside of the pot, or cutting it away
  • Then, tease out the roots gently so that they can spread and draw nutrients when planted
  • Prepare your pot or planter with a suitable base layer of small stone or rocks for drainage and build the remaining space up with soil (allowing room for your plant)
  • Place your plant in the pot or planter and build up and lightly compact compost above the root head level
  • Lastly, water your plant

The term "planter" and "pot" is often used interchangeably to refer to any acceptable that houses flowers or a plant. Although, "planter" more commonly refers to raised housing for flowers and plants that are often larger than pots and designed for outdoor use.