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When you’re moving around from location to location, and from site to site on a daily basis, you need accessories that will make your life easier along the way. This Plastic Roller Tool Box is designed to help you achieve that, keeping your tools organised throughout the day and carrying the load so you don’t have to.

It is ideal for small parts storage, providing a number of separate compartments that allow you to keep work tools close to hand. As a handy mobile work centre it means you don’t have to worry about lifting a heavy box every time you move to a new spot. The large wheels provide stability as you pull it along behind, making easy work of a number of different surfaces.

Use this Plastic Roller Tool Box to store away bolts and screws, screwdrivers, nuts and any number of compact tools you rely on for your work. As it only weighs 9.5kg, keeping control of it as you move along is easy, and with dimensions of 46 x 26 x 62.5cm, it can easily be stored away at the end of the day and kept in the back of a van without taking up too much room.

The inner shelf is also removable, to add to your convenience and enhance accessibility. It allows you to plan your day with confidence, safe in the knowledge you can visit jobs without having to carry a heavy bag that weighs and slows you down. This Plastic Roller Tool Box is also lockable, keeping your tools safe and secure so they are ready for you when you need them most.