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Tool Accessories and Spares

Shop from our wide range of Tool Accessories and Spares to get started on that backlog of repairs! Don't let a missing part of a small breakage put a spanner in the works of your DIY project ideas. Pick up the correct battery, trimmer shield, or throttle and get back to work!

Multi Tool Ignition Coils (55-68cc)


Multi Tool Metal Fuel Tank Bracket


Multi Tool Protector Shield


Multi Tool Protector Shield


Multi Tool Recoil Starter


Multi Tool Spare Chainsaw Chain


Multi Tool Trimmer Nut


Oregon 12 Multi Tool/Chainsaw Chains


Oregon Chainsaw Chain


Petrol Multi Tool Spark Plug


Power Tool Fuel Cap

from £10.99

Spark Plug for Chainsaws

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Tool Accessories and Spares UK

Don't let all your special projects sit out in the shed. Left without adequate tool storage in wet or cold conditions, tools can rust and parts can become lost or broken. So shop from our comprehensive range of Parts and Replacements for everything from circular saw blades to a replacement for a worn-out brush for wet and dry vacs.

Shop By Model

Find the correct model and equipment specification with the detailed specs on our product pages, or pick up basic equipment that's generic. Shop handy replacements like our bump feed nylon spool line for strimmers and multi-tools. Or pick up just the nylon spool line.


We stock replacement batteries and battery packs for household brands.

Repair Power Tools, Motors and More

Product updates or long periods of time out of use mean that you can pick up your favourite tool only to find you can no longer get a spare for it! If you need to give your motor life, then check out our comprehensive range of parts and spares, or head over to our power tools to look for a reasonably-priced, and quality, replacement.

Cleaning Equipment Spares

We also stock spart parts for the wet and dry vacuums and cleaning accessories that we sell.