Whether you want to store away personal items at home so they always remain safe, or you need to tighten up security at work to stash away petty cash, our Medium Electronic Safe with 8.5 litre capacity is ideal. With internal dimensions of 19.7 cm (H) x 30.7 cm (W) x 14 cm (D) and a weight of only 4.5kg, this is a great solution to keep important items safely locked away from sight and under your control.

It features a one-way locking bolt that contains three bolts that are designed to fit perfectly into position when the safe is closed. Anyone thinking of trying to force their way in will have a hard time doing so. On top of that there are also two codes available – a master and user – so the owner of the safe is always in control of access at all times.

The 8.5 litre capacity of this Medium Electronic Safe provides ample room to store away a variety of items inside. And we realise that not everyone wants to leave the safe on the floor or on a shelf, which is why we supply a free set of mounting bolts so it can be securely fixed onto the wall use the anchor holes either on the rear or underside of the item.

You always have the option to change the opening code whenever you need and can choose between a 3 to 8-digit number. If the safe needs to be opened in an emergency, this medium electronic safe features a mechanical lock and the solid steel outer casing ensures longevity and security.