Folding Sawhorse (Twin Pack)

These Folding Sawhorses provide reliable and versatile support for a range of tasks including carpentry, painting and decorating and for use on building projects. Not only are they cost effective but they are robust enough to work in any tough construction type environment, offering the sort of support you need.

They can be used by professionals on an ongoing basis, or by homeowners who can store them away when they have no DIY jobs to finish. When being packed away, all you have to do to save space is simply fold them down to be stashed away in the garage, or workplace. They are compact in size and will not take up a lot of unnecessary space.

Another great bonus is the Folding Sawhorses require absolutely no assembly time. They will arrive well packaged and ready to use as soon as you unfold them. That’s ideal for anyone who needs to get down to work in a hurry. They are light to transport from one spot to the next, creating absolutely no strain on the user if they have to work in different areas throughout the day.

Their sturdy design allows these Folding Sawhorses to bear a weight of up to 300kg. Set them down on an even surface and they create a balanced and stable place for you to complete your tasks. All of this makes for an essential accessory for any professional or homeowner who wants to ensure they spend their money on products they can always depend on.