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Jump Starters UK

Take the stress out of having a flat battery with our range of jump starters and rechargers. Keep reading for more information on our wide range of car maintenance products!

Battery Power and Air Compressors

A dead car battery is a problem not just for your car - but for your life too. There's an easy way to avoid it though: buy a jump starter from BillyOh! We have a range of battery jump starters that also fulfil other functions too - such as jump starters with a built-in air compressor! For products that are a life-saver in a fix, buy BillyOh.

Don't Fall Foul of a Dead Battery

A dead battery - even the words are enough to make some of us shiver! It's a catastrophe many of us want to avoid, and now you can with our jump starter range. Simply connect the positive terminal and negative terminal together with the corresponding terminal on the jump starter and get your car's internal battery back to its best!

Sort Our Tyre Pressure and a Flat Battery At Once!

For products that can kill two birds with one stone, our jump starters and compressors will do the trick. These products are not only portable jump starters but have a 12V compressor that can pump up a flat tyre in a jam!

Portable Jump Starter

We know that these issues can happen while you're out and about - so you'll be happy to hear that our jump starter range is totally portable! Simply bring the jump starter and its jump leads with you in the car, and you'll be stopping the problem before it even happens!

Portable Batteries

To top up or fill your vehicle battery wherever you are, our portable battery pack is the product for the job. With enough charge to fill up the battery capacity of your car, you can fix your battery problems in a flash.