Trending Now: Rattan Furniture

Light weight and aesthetically pleasing – it’s no wonder that rattan furniture is making a huge comeback.

Before we delve into the different ways you can spruce up your home with this material, let’s take a look at its origin and characteristics.

Rattan refers to thin, flexible stems of a palm that are used to make versatile furniture. It is very similar to Bamboo, but has stronger stems that need support as it grows in a vine-like fashion in the rainforest.

Moreover, it is resistant to heat, cold and moisture, and is perfect for people living in areas where the temperature fluctuates regularly.

Even environmentally conscious people have given it a big thumbs up because of its remarkable ability to turn CO2 into clean, fresh air.

Rattan is often confused with Wicker, but there’s one major difference between the two; while the former is the material, the latter is a weaving technique used to turn Rattan into furniture or any other article of use. Rattan can be synthetic and is also therefore often a lot cheaper than its natural counterpart.

It is durable and multipurpose enough to be transformed in any way, which is why it is a popular material for patio or lawn chairs, side tables, mats, and sofa settees, etc.

Here are a few ideas on how you can add this material to amp up the overall vibe of your home.

Bring The Tropics To Your Terrace

Bring The Tropics To Your Terrace

Image:TheoRivierenlaan/ Pixabay

The easy, breezy vibe of Rattan adds a tone of lightness to your home décor without overdoing the boho-chic factor.

Reminiscent of the tropics, it can also add warmth to your home with shades of caramel and browns in various rooms.

Terrace and garden furniture “opens up” your house by fooling the eye and creating an illusion of space– and this material is perfect to spruce up that area without making it look cluttered.

If you’re concerned about Rattan furniture fading in the sun, you might find it interesting to know that it is made using a process called mono extrusion. The process produces a solid weave without any gap or hollowness in the middle.

This means that the colour is UV-friendly and does not fade, crack or burn if you leave the furniture out in the sun for too long. Compared to metal garden furniture, this means it also won’t heat up as much if you live in a hot climate.

Here are some ways you can incorporate it in your terrace/garden/backyard or wherever you like to sit and relax.

Minimal Luxe For Your Bedroom

Do you love all things minimal? Then Rattan is the answer to your décor-related woes. Add raw, exotic appeal to your bedroom by investing in pieces that don’t clash with the rest of your furniture.

Essentially loved by nature lovers and minimalists, its versatility also makes it ideal for rooms with a lot of colour.

It not only complements most home décor colour themes, but also acts as a buffer if you feel the room already has too much going on, or if there’s not enough space.

Dash Of Exotic For Your Kitchen

Rattan is extremely easy to clean and manage and is ideal for kitchens bustling with people who love to eat.

If the kitchen is your favourite place to spend time in, here are some ideas of how you can add Rattan to give it a nice mix of urbane and tropical appeal.

For Love of Lounge

The beauty of Rattan lies in the fact that it’s an intricate mix of effortless cool and understated luxury.

Whether you have a theme for every room or you prefer a more hipster arrangement, its vintage accents blend in with pretty much all backgrounds and colours.

Incorporate its low maintenance, yet high on style look in your lounge to create a comfortable space for those weekend hangouts – it’ll even be perfect for some much needed ‘me-time’ sessions. You can even get rattan dining and coffee sets with in-built fire-pit tables for staying out late on those warm summer evenings.

Dash Of Exotic For Your Kitchen

Image: Divano / Wikimedia Commons

Now that you have an idea of the timeless appeal and exotic undertones that Rattan furniture can add to your safe haven, we bet you’re ready to invest in some new pieces already.