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Get composting with BillyOh's range of garden compost tools and work your way to a greener, more sustainable garden!

Leaf Scoop Garden Hand Rake (1 Pair)

Leaf Scoop Garden Hand Rake (1 Pair)

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Composting UK

Create Your Own Compost: Compost Bins

Use anything from green material including dead leaves and organic waste to kitchen waste to produce a finished compost that your plants will love! Accessories your set up with handy tools like a compost aerator or compost thermometer for hot composting as well as with the garden hand tools available at BillyOh.


Use Garden Waste, Food Waste and Kitchen scraps

Through the composting process, organic material from the yard (garden waste, yard waste, green waste and hedge and grass clippings) can be compacted with organic household waste (food scraps, banana peels, vegetable scraps and peelings, egg shells). This variety of materials can be turned into a mulch of compost materials that can save you money when "feeding your garden"!


Free Up More Garden Space

Not only can a compost heap help you go greener, but it can also save on outdoor space by acting as an all in one bin. Save room in your kitchen bin, save yourself on trips to the tip - and feel good about yourself in the process!

Price and Delivery

Pick up an effective tool from our range of composting accessories and get fast and free UK delivery to most of the mainland!